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foam cartridge sensor pump
with lavender hand soap

sku# ST1038

Our foam cartridge sensor pump is the most luxurious way to wash your hands, and it’s touch-free so no germs or smudges are left behind. Triggered by our fast and precise motion sensor, the aerating diaphragm pump delivers just the right amount of rich, creamy pre-lathered foam. Refills are easy — just eject the old cartridge and insert a new one. The pump is rechargeable — one charge lasts up to 3 months. Lavender foam hand soap cartridge included.

Works exclusively with foam soap cartridges from simplehuman as well as EO and Aria by Antica Farmacista.
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touch-free foam soap
Experience rich, luxurious foam soap from a sleek sensor pump. Our unique air-injection technology produces top-quality foam, and our touch-free motion sensor provides clean, effortless dispensing.
air-induction technology
Our patented foam pump creates a vacuum that precisely draws air into the soap creating a smooth, luxurious foam.
The high-precision intake port controls the exact ratio of air to soap for perfectly balanced foam.
The mixture of air and soap is refined through a two-stage micro-screen resulting in smooth, velvety foam.
wash me!
With an IP66 rating, you can rinse the pump in the sink. It’s an easy way to keep it looking like new.
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the foam cartridge system
To streamline the entire experience, we've taken the hassle out of refilling your soap pump. We've developed a click-in cartridge system to make refills fast, easy and totally mess-free.
explore a wide range of soaps and scents
In addition to simplehuman hand and dish soap, we have partnered with other great brands to offer a wide variety of foaming soap scents and experiences.
simplehuman lavender
hand soap

An alluring aroma of blooming lavender touched with rosewood and fresh herbs.

simplehuman geranium
hand soap

Bright floral scent with a hint of fresh dew, lemon and rose petals.

spring water
hand soap

Fresh and clean with a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers.

mandarin orange
hand soap

Refreshing citrus blend of mandarin oranges and lemon tinged with green bergamot.

simplehuman cucumber
hand soap

Crisp, fresh cucumber peel and fruity floral undertones.

fragrance free
hand soap

Pure, simple and naturally gentle.

simplehuman verbena
dish soap

Crisp verbena, juicy lemon, invigorating grapefruit and alluring ginger flower.

simplehuman apple
dish soap

The tangy sweet aroma of a fresh-picked green apple.

simplehuman mint lime
dish soap

Fresh spearmint sprigs and juicy lime intermingled with a touch of menthol.

EO french lavender
foaming soap

Relaxing and soothing, a herbaceous and floral scent of pure lavender.

EO lemon & eucalyptus
foaming soap

Uplifting and refreshing with the scent of bright lemon and stimulating eucalyptus.

EO peppermint & tea tree foaming soap

Clean and revitalizing, the scent of fresh peppermint blended with refreshing tea tree.

ARIA by Antica Farmacista
grapefruit hand wash

The vibrant, clean scent of grapefruit.

ARIA by Antica Farmacista
orange blossom hand wash

Floral notes of orange blossom, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley balanced with mandarin and lemon.

ARIA by Antica Farmacista
bergamot hand wash

Crisp bergamot, jasmine and lavender blended with fresh ozonic saltwater.

available in dish and hand soap
We use the same healthy, effective formula as our gel soap. It's biodegradable, hypoallergenic and contains no parabens or DEAs.
look, no batteries!
The hidden hinged top offers easy access to the recharge plug, and the cartridge release button makes changing soaps a snap.
  • foam cartridge sensor pump


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I Love It ~ With One Exception

by SallyO

These foam hand soap pumps are super! They are a lot less messy than the older gel models. The only surprise I got when I received the pump was that the only cartridges that will fit are the NON-refillable simple human cartridges. I didn't see anywhere in the description that this was the case. I still love the pump and will keep it. I found a better price on the soap cartridges at my local Bed Bath & Beyond store.

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Perfect for Kids

by KalN

Originally got it because my 2 year old daughter had a hard time using the pump bottle foam soap dispensers. So much easier for her to simply place her hand under the dispenser and out comes the foam soap. I've been waiting for a sensor activated foam soap dispenser.

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Simple and elegant

by RaffiG

I have owned prior soap dispensers from Simple Human, but when I saw this, I wanted it, and I was right it is perfection! Except the stainless body shows water spots a lot, so what I did was I sprayed the body right to the lights in oil rubbed bronze and it matches our bath, It looks beautiful, I wish they have options like that for colors. Would recommend it...

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Simple human cartridge sensor pump

by JaneG

I really love this product. It's soooo easy to use. No spills from refills! The cartridge soap foams beautifully, it's gentle on my hands and smells great. There is no messy spill or drip onto my counter also. I Have been so happy with this 1st one I purchased I just purchased a second one. I

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Very convenient

by PatriciaM

I mostly bought it because my 8 year old granddaughter was making a mess at the bathroom sink with the soap. But it turns out we all love it. The lavender soap smells great, the device works well, and it looks very stylish. The only thing is, there was an insert that said, "please read all the information enclosed," and there was nothing enclosed. I'd like to know if there's a way to adjust how much soap comes out. I'd like just a little less with each pump.

note from simplehuman

Tap power button to toggle through 3 volume settings: low volume - blinks once, medium volume - blinks twice, high volume - blinks 3 times. Instruction booklet and warranty card can be found under the top cover of the color packing box.

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SH foam cartridge sensor pump

by robertW

Your simple human sensor pump email introduction encouraged me to make an initial purchase. I did and on opening the carton there were no simple instructions for assembly. Phone calls and previously exchanged emails did not satisfactorily resolve the issue. I packed up my purchase and sent it to one of our children. They figured out the assembly but were most disappointed in the product. Had it worked we intended to include your new product for Christmas gifts to a dozen of our family. That will not happen.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. We stand behind our products, that's why your product carries a 2 -year warranty. A product specialist will contact you shortly to assist you.You can also view the following video to assist in setting up the unit:

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Foam Cartridge Sensor Pump, hand soap

by JoanK

Great product, great soap. You can set it for three different levels, and I find that at level 1 you can get enough soap to do the job. My only problem with the product is that I would like to be able to charge it electrically and not have to bring a soap pump to my computer for a USB connection. The other Simple Human sensor pump with the gel soap does have a charger as an alternative. Otherwise terrific.

note from simplehuman

We provide USB charging cables and chargers in both the gel and foaming pumps. The cable works with any USB charger.You can click here to find our charger accessory for charging your pump. For your reference the part number is PD6095.

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It's pretty good...

by GregS

I like the way it works and the soap is good. But, the foam sputters a bit more when it's coming out than I'd prefer. I've used foam dispensers which feel more like pure foam. This one is a bit less pure foam and bit more toward traditional soap. It's not a lot -- I'd still call it foam...but I've had better foam from other dispensers and restaurants and such.

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by MartinM


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by MarcellaK

I have had many Simple Human soap dispensers over the years and this one is by far the best. I like the fact that it is USB chargeable - no batteries required. It seemed I was always changing batteries in previous models. The snap-in soap is also a plus. I did have to contact Simple Human to get the "manual" in order to adjust the quantity of soap that dispenses, but they were quick to respond and emailed me a manual. Thanks Simple Human.

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LOVE IT ❗️❗️❗️



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Sensor pump

by MelissaM

Love this pump . Originally ordered to use with dish soap, but it came with hand soap . It works great, easy to charge, streamline , great looking on the kitchen counter. The only drawback is that you need to order simple human soap cartridge refills which fits into the bottom of the unit , (I purchased two other dish soap refills. ) love everything about This.

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