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slanke toiletborstel
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Vervangende borstelkop voor de simplehuman slanke toiletborstel.
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kop met dubbele borstel

Borstelkop met stijve borstels aan de buitenkant voor onder de rand en een dichte borstel in het midden voor normale reiniging.




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Not quite as good as I had expected

by BrianJ

The profile of the brush is circular and the attachment of the handle limits how far the brush can go under the S-bend. It doesn't do as good a job as a simple curved brush in cleaning the floor of the S-bend, but otherwise it is excellent. I think the profile of the brush should be oval rather than circular.

note from simplehuman

Hi, I am glad to hear to hear that overall the brush is excellent. Thank you for your feedback on the shape of the brush, we will forward this to our team.

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Loo brush

by JillH

I like the look of this product & find it more efficient than a usual brush. BUT the brush comes loose from the handle when used in an anti-clockwise direction

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by ScottC

The slim durable brush is fantastic, it gets into every nook and cranny of the toilet bowl. Great cleaner and it is is to keep clean Best toilet brush on the market.

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Toilet brush replacement head

by TeresaM

Easy to change. Good idea. Keep the fab ideas coming. Simple human is excellent.

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Brush Head

by GeorgeA

Well pleased with this replacement head. Fits perfectly and good value.

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Slim toilet brush head

by TristanJ

Not to user friendly. A little awkward to use to get to the underside of the toilet bowl.

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Simple for This Human

by CaronC

We've had the toilet brush for some time and love it as the practical size and form make it easy to clean a somewhat tricky bowl and the brush looks quite elegant in its stand. The used brush head snapped out, and the replacement brush head in, without me having to get my hands anywhere on the brush, so I could dispose of the used brush head easily and put the newly refreshed one back in its place in about a minute. The new one holds firmly to its handle and works as well as the old. Excellent, and obviates throwing out the whole assembly and helping to stuff more landfills.

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easy and clean

by jacquelynM

it looks good, works well, made well, easy to use

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Perfect replacement

by HilaryC

So great that I am able to purchase the only bit that needs replacing from time to time rather than the whole brush and container. Have always detested loo brushes with their inevitable attraction of germs and debris but replacing the head means my loo brush is always pristine irrespective of the chore I give it! Well done Simplehuman for great foresight.

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Best toilet brush I have ever had

by DebraK

Not only is this a trendy looking brush that you will not try to hide away in a corner, but it reaches places in the toilet bowl that the other brushes could never reach. The shape of the head not only allows the under the rim cleaning a breeze but also down in the opening of the bowl where no other brush I used would ever fit. I use this brush 2-3 times weekly on the two commodes in our home confidently knowing that the bowl is clean even in areas I cannot see.

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by TS

I love that the brush can be replaced. The brush lasts for years if rinsed after each use. It always seems so silly to me when manufacturers create a nice brush holder and handle that have to be thrown out long before they are used up because the brush goes bad. Simply Human did it right! I hope they always offer this brush. Then I'll never have to buy another brush holder again. I just love this product!

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by emilyW

It's easy to get right under the rim I use it every day and best of all it looks great in the bathroom.

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GC Boca Raton

by GaryC

Great . I have several other in your product line.

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Replacement Brush

by JohnE

Great to be able to switch out the head instead of finding a whole new set to go in the bath! good quality and FAST service!

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