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code E
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Een maat past niet altijd! Onze afvalzakken zijn speciaal ontworpen voor elk van onze afvalbakken, zodat je nooit rommelige uitsteeksels of geprop ziet – en ze glijden nooit weg. Extra dik plastic en een dubbele zoom voorkomen gaten en scheuren. Met de sterke handgrepen met trekkoord zijn de zakken eenvoudig op te tillen, dicht te binden en te dragen.
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past perfect

Onze zakken passen precies in de afvalbakken, zodat ze niet wegglijden en netjes uit det zicht blijven als de deksel gesloten is.

dikke dubbele zoom

Extra stevig plastic met een dikke, dubbele zoom, ter voorkoming van gaten en scheuren.

handige trekkoord handgrepen

Gemakkelijk optillen, vastbinden en dragen.

één voor één

Door de opening van de dispenserverpakking zijn de zakken eenvoudig één voor één te pakken, geen perforatie of afrollen.




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by RossC

The can is excellent and these fit perfectly - saves making others fit.

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Store stock

by Richard CA

You have a great product, we have had our Butterfly can for over 4 years now and we are more than satisfied with your product. I just wish some of the stores in the area handled our size bags IE bedbath and beyond handles all types of bags except ours, we have to order ours from the WEB.

thank you for your input

Love it!

by TracyH

We love our simple human trash container and custom can liners. It's clean neat and stylish! These liners are so well made, I am only having to empty trash every 2-3 days now instead of daily! Will never buy anything but simple human again.

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code E, custom fit can liners, 3 packs of 20

by CharlotteA

Love these liners - the fit is perfect and the quality is nice.

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Great bags

by Carole AnnS

Fit is perfect Strong Holds a lot

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Perfect fit

by CatherineL

These bags are a perfect fit for our trash can and are very heavy duty. I know these bags will not tear apart and can stand the rough handling from any trash removal person.

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by JCL

These bags fit our Simple Human trash container perfectly. Just what we were looking for. Thanks.

thank you for your input

Great bags

by Christine H

Since purchasing my Simplehuman Butterfly Waste Bin I have alwauys used these bags - never had one tear or leak whcih is more than I can say for supermaret beands I have bought in the past. Love the facer I can order online and they are delivered so quickly. Well done

thank you for your input

Bags to fit

by JeanetteY

The "E" bags fit our 20L perfectly. No plastic hanging over and are thick enough to hold up. Thanks for the great quality of all your porducts. Jeanette Young

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Very good bin liners

by CBE

Easy to fit, easy to close, reasonably priced - very good!

thank you for your input

Not sturdy enough

by JeffJ

One of the liners, unknown to me, had a hole in it, which caused liquid to leak onto the floor after I took out the bag to bring it to the trash can. They don't seem very sturdy. They do fit perfectly in the can though. Unfortunately they're expensive, and I can't find them at my local stores, so I have to order them. I may try more standard bags that aren't a perfect fit but are sturdier.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. A customer service representative has contacted you to provide further assistance.

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E Bags

by CraigM

The bags are wounderful, perfect fit and never slip in the can. Service is also quick and effecient

thank you for your input

Liner Size E, bulk pack

by LauraP

The same great product at 50% off! It's a great deal.

thank you for your input

Can Liners, code E

by KeithF

good product, OK price, sorry they are no longer available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

thank you for your input

E Liners still great

by VincentJ

The 20 liter size, in our simple butterfly can, works well because it is not too big. A larger size lets garbage get too rank while it fills up. The can fits under counter nicely. I don't see anything similar currently available from SH. Mostly smaller and larger than 20 liter.

thank you for your input

Best way to buy bags ever

by JimS

We have had a Simple Human butterfly trash can for a long time. It is a pain to go to a retailer to buy insert bags. Ordering the right bags in bulk from Simple Human is not only economical, but also very convenient.

thank you for your input

Great liners

by EdM

They fit our can perfectly, very durable and rarely do we have any leaks.

thank you for your input

Best can liners ever

by stevenG

Fits perfectly into my butterfly can. No mess and the bags never break.

thank you for your input

Great Trash Bags

by C.J

I ordered these trash bags on line. It was an easy web site to use. The bags were delivered promptly.

thank you for your input

happy bags

by rogerS

good product, very good service. a happy customer!

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perfect liner

by DeborahK

Your trash can liners are a perfect fit for the can, hold wet and dry items equally well, and don't tear if a sharp-pointed item is included in the trash.

thank you for your input

Disappointed, at first.

by ChristineG

These are excellent liners for my little butterfly can, but I was frustrated that I could no longer find this E liner in stores where your products are sold. Fortunately, ordering from your website was almost easier than going back to the store. Service was friendly, quick, and very helpful---and I could buy in bulk! But WHY have you discontined this cute little can???

thank you for your input

Serviceable product

by j.S

Ease of installation and collection, fits perfectly. Would like to have a deodorizer as part of the bag.

thank you for your input

Excellent liners

by LisH

Works very well.

thank you for your input

It works!

by GeorgeL

What else can you say about a trash bag ... it works like it should, fits like it should. Good system.

thank you for your input

Fits great

by tommykellyX

I love this trash can's awesome. It fits perfectly into the bins unlike other ones. I bought 200bags total and it's been 7months and still have more left. I am going to definitely buy more after it's done. I would highly recommend this product

thank you for your input

excellent product

by leonK

The design of your butterfly can and liner is excellent and well made. It serves our needs and pleasing to look at.

thank you for your input

Kitchen Bin

by DavidW

Easy to use bin with foot pedal and bin liners that are made to fit. Virtually no mess outside of the bin unless one is clumsy. Smart piece of kitchen furniture which is practical and good to look at. Now on our second parcel of bin liners which are excellent to use.

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Just Right

by TavieB

I had been looking for an in-between bag size for an unusual-shaped under the sink trashcan and was overjoyed to find these. The standard-size trash can liners were either way too big or too small. These are "just right".

thank you for your input

Great trash can liners

by DanS

I've been getting simplehuman liners - code E (20 pack)- for quite a while. It's great to have liners that actually fit the trash container. These are durable and fit wonderfully well. I order in bulk from the simplehuman website and get free shipping, so it saves a lot of trips to the store...

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Bagging it great!

by MadelynM

Have used for years! Great product(s)!

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User Friendly

by TimB

It fits perfectly. It's a fast swop from a used bag to a new one. Personally I like the small size so garbage doesn't sit for days, much like larger bags. Well done Simple Human.

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Great liner

by TerryZ

Great fit, strong draw-strings, no mess.

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Best Trash Can Ever

by GregoryT

It's a great looking trash can and it's very practical.

thank you for your input

the best bags

by micheleB

These bags fit perfectly, are super strong, and the drawstring handles make it the only choice for me.

thank you for your input

best liners I have found

by SharonB

I love my simple human trash cans and the conveinance of the liners. They are everything I look for in a product.

thank you for your input

Best trash can and best liners

by LilaG

Excellent trash can; it contains odors and the trash liners fit perfectly.

thank you for your input

Butterfly can trash bags

by NancyJ

I use these bags with my 20 liter Simplehuman butterfly trash can. They are a perfect fit. Unfortunately, my local Bed, Bath and Beyond no longer carries the 20 liter size and I have to order it online. I tried to substitute a trash bag from the supermarket but the bags were either too big or too small.

2 of 6 people found this review helpful

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A Perfect Fit!

by KimG

Previously, I had only purchased liners for our kitchen waste can without giving thought to the other wastebaskets throughout the house. With the help of the descriptions and pictures on the Simplehuman web site, I was able to select a liner that fit perfectly in our other similarly-sized and shaped wastebaskets. Since the liners fit so well and are so durable, I don't have to change them every time they're emptied. That saves me time and money in the long run!

thank you for your input