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58 liter
rechthoekige pedaalemmer
met zakkenhouder
twee compartimenten

sku-nr. CW2025

Met onze nieuwe rechthoekige pedaalemmer met twee compartimenten kun je afval en recyclebaar materiaal gemakkelijk en netjes gescheiden weggooien. Aan de ene kant heeft hij een innovatieve 'zakkenhouder' om afvalzakken in de pedaalemmer op te bergen. Aan de andere kant heeft hij een bak voor herbruikbaar materiaal met handgreep om hem gemakkelijk eruit te tillen en te legen. De roestvrijstalen zakkenrand houdt de zak vast en uit het zicht. Een stevig breed stalen pedaal gaat lang mee en dankzij onze gepatenteerde shox technologie gaat hij elke keer soepel en stil dicht.

Navulverpakkingen voor afvalzakken code H passen perfect in de zakkenhouder van deze afvalbak.
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jaar garantie

netjes en veilig
Roestvrijstalen rand klapt omhoog om zakken snel en eenvoudig te vervangen en sluit daarna over de zak heen, zodat de zak netjes op zijn plek en uit het zicht blijft.
Bewaar de zakken waar je ze nodig hebt. Haal ze per stuk uit de afvalbak, zodat je ze sneller kunt verwisselen.
navulverpakkingen voor afvalzakken
Ontworpen zodat je ze eenvoudig achterin de ingebouwde zakkenhouder kunt stoppen.
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transparante laag
Beschermt roestvrij staal tegen vingerafdrukken en ziektekiemen.
kleine afvalbak,
grote inhoud
Doordat we geen binnenemmer hebben, konden we een kleinere afvalbak maken met dezelfde inhoud.
twee compartimenten
Afval aan de ene kant, herbruikbaar materiaal aan de andere kant.

stevig breed stalen pedaal

Ons extra brede stalen pedaal is zo ontworpen dat het meer dan 150.000 keer gebruikt kan worden, dat is 20 jaar lang meer dan 20 keer per dag.

geruisloos sluitend deksel

Onze gepatenteerde shox air-technologie controleert de beweging van het deksel zodat het langzaam en geruisloos sluit.

intern scharnier

Zorgt ervoor dat het deksel niet tegen de muur slaat.

laat geen vingerafdrukken achter

Het buitenoppervlak is ongevoelig voor vingerafdrukken en vlekken, zodat het roestvrijstaal blijft glanzen.

een simpele belofte

We gebruiken de beste materialen en stevige constructies, zodat onze producten jarenlang meegaan.

maatwerk afvalzakken

Onze zakken code H passen precies in deze afvalbak, zodat ze niet wegglijden en helemaal uit het zicht blijven. Extra dik plastic en een dubbele zoom voorkomen gaten en scheuren.

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  • 58 liter




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by mirkoM

Very good quality! We are very satisfied with our choice. Little problem with finding perfect trash bags since originals are little to expensive.

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Brilliant design

by JohnR

We love the design of this bin. One minor glitch, it has developed a squeak as the lid closes.

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Comment joindre l'utile à l'agréable ;-)

by ValérieL

Un très bel objet vraiment bien pensé ! Bravo. Qualité irréprochable et esthétique soignée. J'aime particulièrement la longue barre d'ouverture au pied (mieux qu'une pédale : on peut viser n'importe où), le revers de fermeture du couvercle qui masque complétement le sac poubelle, la facilité de nettoyage. Le distributeur de sacs intégré n'est finalement pas qu'un gadget : rapide et bien utile à l'usage. Ces petits plus auraient été bienvenus sur sa petite soeur de 46l. Et puis oui, la fermeture silencieuse, quel luxe ! Merci simple human

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We love it!

by LP

We are absolutely pleased! It's exactly as described.

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Exactly what I was looking for!

by PegB

The perfect size! Holds both trash and recycling and keeps odors contained. Very stylish also.

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dual compartment trash/recycle

by CarolF

This is exactly what I was looking for. The recycle bin is very easy to remove and the hidden trash bags are very convenient. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a dual trash/recycle trash can.

thank you for your input

58L dual compartment step on can

by Linda

LOVE this can. Solves the problem of what do to with plastic drink bottles in a small kitchen with no built in recycling capabilities. This was the one solution my daughters and I could agree on!

thank you for your input


by ScottD

Great product. Sleek, nice looking and seems durable. I have a few Simple Human products and they have all been great

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by ConanF

As many others have said, while pricey this is absolutely worth it. Works exactly as described and looks sharp too. Extremely well designed with plenty of capacity for both garbage and recycling. Stainless steel finish doesn't show fingerprints easily either and only requires the occasional wipe to clean. Quality product.

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Best Trash Can I've ever owned

by RobL

I will never have to buy another trash can again. And it's so easy to change and replace the trash bags.

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Dual compartment step can

by traceyG

The plastic piece that must be lifted to remove the recycling bin as well as the garbage bag has already broken. For 200 dollarsit should be indestructible, otherwise I love it

thank you for your input

Exactly what I wanted

by ShiredR

I wanted to consolidate my 2 containers, trash and recycle, into 1 container. I looked around quite a bit and kept coming back to this one. This one is perfectly sized for my needs and the stainless steel matches the rest of my kitchen appliances. It is well designed, attractive, and built to last. Granted, it is not cheap, but worth the money. Simple Human customer service is truly exceptional! This is one of many Simple Human products I now own and will surely not be the last.

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mooiste afvalbak

by TonR

Eindelijk een afvalbak die er mooi uitziet en erg degelijk is. Ook het voetpedaal is stevig uitgevoerd en kan van alle kanten bedient worden. Sluit erg mooi af zonder lawaai.

thank you for your input

Almost art work

by CathyP

It could be art it's so attractive but it's even more functional. I love the 2 compartments and the ease of lifting out the trash or recycling "pail". And you never have to touch it with your hands to open it. Well worth the money.

thank you for your input

Spacious, Beautiful, Functional and STELLAR Customer Service!!

by KathyC

I am THRILLED with my purchase of this newest trash can to the Simple Human lineup! Actually, I had never heard of Simple Human products until I began looking for a stainless steel trash can on a well-known discount department store website. They did not carry the Simple Human brand yet someone gave Rave reviews for the Simple Human products when comparing it with the cheaper can they had purchased from this discount department store. That's when I put the brakes on and began researching further. The first trash can I received had been damaged in shipping. Simple Human had it picked up by the carrier the following day, and the next day after that I had a brand new can; this time double-boxed for shipping. It arrived unscathed. The can is gorgeous! I worried about the industrial look to it (not flat stainless steel like the rest of SH models) but once I got it in my kitchen, wow, BEAUTIFUL! It has a very spacious recycle bin on the left side which also comes with a pull-out plastic bucket so that the User doesn't have to waste trash bags, thus making it a breeze to take recyclables to the main dumpster. This would be perfectly great for individuals living in an apartment or condo complex, yet also makes it simple for the Homeowner as well. I LOVE this feature! The right side is used for trash and has a very handy trash bag holder for easy replacement. When the lid is closed, the User will not see any remnants of a trash bag nor the recycle container; it will still look like the photo above. The other reason why I chose this latest can over earlier models is because I recycle more than I have trash, so I wanted something spacious and equal on both sides. Enter the 58 litre, dual compartment can - it's beyond perfect! Exactly what I wanted! One reason why I chose Simple Human besides the Rave reviews I had read was because I could not find any other can with the elongated foot pedal found on this brand. I don't want to have to look or feel for a foot pedal; I want it long enough where my foot can hit it spot-on every time. The lid opens and closes so incredibly gracefully and is designed to never hit the back wall. The surface is exactly as advertised: finger-print proof --- AMAZING! I specifically did not want any can that was battery-operated; I wanted a can that was durable and simple to use with minimal parts to eventually breakdown. This trash can proved 100% and more of what I desired. This dual-use trash can is worth every penny spent on it. You get what you pay for and in this case, YES, spend the $200 for this fantastic trash can with STELLAR customer service! Thank you also for the extra shipment of trash bags due to the damaged can from shipment and also THANK YOU for my birthday t-shirt! It is gorgeous, soft, so breezy-cool and will be going on my trip with me to Maui! Thumbs Up 100% for this product! Get it right the first time: buy Simple Human products!

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Best Trashcan On Earth, Likely

by DarcyD

Yeah what can I say -- this is one of the best trashcans ever. Really nice design and will probably last forever. (And if it doesn't there's a ten year warranty, I think). Comes with it's own trash bags, even, which I'd definitely use in future, except they seem a bit expensive and I'm not big on spending a lot of money for custom-made garbage bags. But who can complain really. The only way this thing could be any better is to have THREE compartments -- one for garbage, one for recyclables, and one for paper, but don't see how that's possible to design! Thanks Simple Human, your designs are fantastic. And very well made. Worth every penny.

note from simplehuman

So glad you are enjoying your can. Yes! This can does carry a 10 year warranty.

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Great dual compartment trash can

by TrevorT

I bought this as it was the best available on the market at the time with both an integrated recycling bin and a trash can. I wish the trash can were a little large compared to what I am used to. I do find myself taking the garbage out more often, however, I am also recycling more and that was the goal overall. I like the fact they are in one device and that I don't have an open recycling container on the floor for my some so play with all day. Overall, exactly what I wanted, just wish the garbage side was slightly larger by a couple gallons.

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Dual compartment step can (58 litre)

by GenevieveG

Love it. The best purchase I've ever made for the kitchen. I strongly recommend it.

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Pure functionality!

by MattT

Well designed, aesthetically pleasing, and most of all, extremely functional. It's big enough to hold a week's worth of recycling/garbage and looks good in a kitchen. The lid holds itself up to change the liners/remove the recycling bin which is also nice. I was skeptical about the proprietary liners, but they are high quality, fit like a glove, and the dispenser is convenient and more than makes up for the slight premium over regular bags, especially when you buy in bulk directly from Simple Human.

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Well thought out design

by EricH

I guess it is hard to get excited about a bin, but I make an exception in this case. The highest of quality and extremely well thought through design. Larger than it appears and aesthetically very good

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Excellent bin but expensive

by InaamH

Very good bin but St a price first one arrived a but damaged with dents on sides and top. Lid this was eventually replaced and the team were very helpful at customer service. The bins can be small for larger bottles as it fills quickly but it means the full bags are more manageable and we've downsized from 2 large separate bins to one

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Great Product!

by AngelaH

So clean and streamlined. Love this product. Pocket is nice to for refill purposes.

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love the 58 litre recycle

by derekH

My sister has the smaller size (46 litre maybe?), and she wishes she had mine. If you're reading reviews because you're considering buying, believe me you will use the recycle bin a lot, possibly more than the regular trash.

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Very practical as always!

by MarioB

We've been using simple human for our trash cans, soap dispensers and other items for years. They do make things simpler. We just upgraded from the single container to this dual compartment one. I do wish that there was one size bigger, as each compartment is a little smaller than what we'd like. Maybe a 70 litre option? Also noticed that when you step on the pedal to open the top, some of the top open cover moves on one side. Could be sturdier. Our last one lasted years, so I'm hoping this items is as good. thank you.

thank you for your input

Love it.

by PeggyL

We love our new 58 liter garbage/recycling can. Fits perfectly in the space and the recycling pail is easy and convenient.

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the BEST garbage can i've ever owned

by DerrickM

throwing &*([email protected] away is a pleasure. bagging !$#&*(@ up is a pleasure. taking #$*&(! out is a pleasure. i love this garbage can as much as a man could without being arrested. thank you simplehuman.

thank you for your input

Flimsy sides

by NickK

I thoroughly researched many garbage cans before making this purchase and can say that it does everything it says it does so meets our functional need but the stainless sides are flimsy and dented from use. The issue is that the garbage side is single layer construction with no liner (recycler has liner bucket) - we have a dent on the side of the can that really sticks out every time you walk by the garbage. I never inspected the can when it arrived so it may have come this way but the more likely explanation is that the can dented when a solid object was thrown in the garbage and bumped into the side of the can thus causing a dent that cannot be pushed back in - this happened within the first month of having the can. If there was a liner like there is on the recycler side this dent would not have occurred. I also bought two of the carbon filters, one for each section, and within a week of use the filter part fell out unknowingly and got thrown out with the trash.

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by JF

I love this trashcan/recycler! It is absolutely perfect - good size and looks great out in the kitchen!

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by BillG

We love it!!! Best thing we bought, we really like liner pocket in the back.would recommend it.. Well worth the money.

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It's great

by MaiaS


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Practical beauty

by RegineH

I bought this trash can because our recycling didn't make it into the bin inside the pantry too many times. The problem has been solved completely. I have no more recycling items sitting on the kitchen counter or elsewhere. It makes is easy to just put it in the right place. The garbage compartment is a really good size and having storage for the refill bags is a nice add on feature. In addition, this is the best looking trash bin that I can imagine. It looks really good in the kitchen. An added bonus is that guest now also recycle as they see the recycling bin when they open the lid.

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58 liter rectangular

by DebbieZ

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

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