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Una misura non va bene per tutti i cestini! I nostri sacchetti sono progettati per adattarsi perfettamente a ciascuno dei nostri cestini, affinché non vi siano parti in evidenza e non scivolino mai all'interno. Plastica extra-resistente e doppia cucitura per evitare rotture. Grazie ai solidi lacci, i sacchetti sono facili da sollevare, chiudere e trasportare.

Le confezioni di ricarica erogano i sacchetti uno alla volta, senza intoppi né perforazioni, e sono progettati per entrare perfettamente nei cestini con il nostro sistema "tasca per sacchetti" integrato.

Scopri di più sulla nostra caratteristica "tasca per sacchetti".

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una misura perfetta

I nostri sacchetti sono progettati per adattarsi perfettamente al cestino, in modo che non scivolino e restino completamente nascosti quando il coperchio è chiuso.

spesse cuciture doppie

La plastica super resistente e le spesse cuciture doppie prevengono strappi e rotture.

comodi manici a coulisse

Facili da sollevare, annodare e trasportare.

uno alla volta

L'apertura del dispenser di confezioni consente di afferrare un sacchetto alla volta, senza creare perforazioni o srotolamenti.


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Simply rubbish

by PeterL

Bin and liners make it easy to collect and remove non-biodegradable kitchen waste without mess. Bags are easy to changent provide a tight fit with the bin lid. Good reordering and devilvery service from Simplehuman ensures we never run out of bags.

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Lovely bags but sadly they are not a snug fit

by VickyL

Lovely rubbish bin bags but the top does not fit snugly round my bin. This is most noticeable when the bag gets full and heavy.

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Code f custom fit liners

by LindaC

Perfect fit liner , easy to take out of bin, tie handles & pull, love these liners.

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Bin liners

by NicholasD

Excellent product fits our bin perfectly would recommend

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by maureenO

these bin liners are superb but far to expensive

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No more whining!

by MaryB

Am SO glad I bought that beautiful stainless trash can with the liner pocket! Such a brilliant idea to attach the bags to the can, nothing worse than trying to find a bag after the old bag is removed. Well, my husband LOVES this trashcan and the great bags--they fit perfectly, are VERY sturdy--he appreciates quality. After all, he married me, didn't he?

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Simple human products

by MaryC

The best waste management product on the market. You always get what you pay for and it is true in this case. Great waste bins but the bags are great too. Strong and reliable and very easy and clean to use. Great product.

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Satisfied Customer

by LorraineM

The first size code F liners I purchased from Amazon must have been the previous smaller size. Had a very hard time inserting the liner over the corners of my trash can. Repurchased the liners from Simple Human and the code F liners received were the new and slightly larger liners. What a difference! I used to hate having to change the trash liner but not any more!

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. Feel free to call us at 877-988-7770 8am-5pm PST M-F should you ever need help with any of our products!

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F bag size

by FrancisA

It would appear that the size F bags you sent me have been up sized considerably. They do not fit as well as the previous bags I have bought from John Lewis.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your review, simplehuman F custom fit liners have recently hanged in size and are now slightly larger measuring 555mm from seam to seam.

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by annM

I contacted you because the F bags I have used for years had become extremely hard to put on (add arthritis to that) Evidently F comes in two sizes. Your company kindly sent the larger size which I appreciated. Unfortunately that too is just as hard to put on. Guess I will try larger bag size next time. Clerk said that perhaps this was a push to make customers buy a new bin. *I hope not.

note from simplehuman

I apologize if there was any confusion. We do not have 2 sizes of F liners, but we have recently increased the size of liners from 535mm to 555mm for a better fit. Our custom fit liners are designed for a snug, tailored fit so they stay neatly hidden beneath the lid — no messy bunching or slipping.

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Fit varies

by JerryA

Although I do like these liners, since they're strong and don't leak. However, from one batch to another, they fit the can differently, sometimes too loose, sometimes too tight. Otherwise, they'd be a 5-star product!

note from simplehuman

Our F liners have increased in width size from 535mm to 555mm.

thank you for your input

Size changed!

by YvonneK

You appear to have changed the sizing of your code F bin liners, they are bigger than previous ones and don't fit so well. I now have excess liner around the top edge which doesn't look good when I put the bin back in the outer container.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback a customer reprehensive will contact you shortly.

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