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45 litri
cestino con sensore semi-rotondo
con porta sacchetti acciaio inossidabile spazzolato 4 batterie alcaline AA (incluso)

codice di prodotto ST2009

Il nostro cestino semi-rotondo touch free con sensore si apre automaticamente con un cenno della mano, per gettare l'immondizia in modo rapido, efficiente e senza problemi. Include un sensore di movimento intelligente abbastanza da adattarsi all'ambiente circostanze, senza attivazioni errate né chiusure inattese del coperchio. Il cestino è dotato anche del nostro innovativo "porta sacchetti" che tiene i sacchetti sempre a portata di mano, per una sostituzione più rapida. Il bordo per sacchetti si solleva facilmente per prenderli e si chiude affinché siano nascosti. Un rivestimento trasparente invisibile protegge l'acciaio inossidabile da impronte digitali e germi.

I sacchetti di ricarica codice J si adattano perfettamente al cestino. 

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209,95 €
anni di garanzia
codice sacchetto
consegna gratuita
reso gratuito entro 90 giorni
sensore di movimento
Un campo a infrarossi monitora l'area sopra e davanti al cestino affinché si apra automaticamente con un solo cenno della mano.
Quando non è in uso, l'area di rilevamento è sopra il coperchio, in modo tale che non si apra quando non serve.
Una volta aperto, l'area coperta dal sensore si espande, affinché il coperchio non si chiuda prima che tu abbia completato la tua attività.
potenza omogenea e stabile
Un sistema a ingranaggi trasferisce la velocità alla coppia per un funzionamento omogeneo e senza intoppi del coperchio.
Con soli 52 db, il nostro cestino è il 50% più silenzioso dei cestini della concorrenza.
ordinato e semplice
Il coperchio esterno si piega per consentire un accesso semplice al sacchetto, senza necessità di rimuovere il coperchio o il secchio. Quando hai finito, puoi chiuderlo sul bordo per tenerlo ordinatamente lontano dalla vista.
sensore sopra il coperchio
porta sacchetti
Per conservare i sacchetti proprio dove servono. Erogali uno alla volta dall'interno del cestino per una sostituzione più rapida.
confezione sacchetti di ricambio
Progettato per entrare nel retro del porta sacchetti integrato.
rivestimento trasparente
in nanoargento
Protegge l'acciaio inox da impronte e germi.
sacchetti su misura
I nostri sacchetti codice J sono progettati per adattarsi perfettamente al cestino, in modo che non scivolino e restino completamente nascosti. Plastica extra-resistente e doppia cucitura per evitare rotture.
  • 45 litro


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Not what I expected

by SerkanO

The sensor will not sense the movement most of the time unless you touch the sensor physically with your hand. My friend purchased a similar can (different brand) from Costco, and his works much better than our expensive can... I would never pay this much money for simplehuman products again. First and last...

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. We stand behind our products, that's why your product carries a 5-year warranty. A product specialist will contact you shortly to assist you.

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thank you for your input


by BrigitteM

J'adore! tout est bien pensé du logement des sacs à l'intérieur de la poubelle jusqu'à son utilisation

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Nicest trash can out there!!!

by Christina H

Excellent! Have had no issues and love the design, size and sensor open lid!

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by FabienF

Excellent produit esthétique et cossu, de bien loin au dessus du lot de toutes les poubelles électriques que j'ai pu essayer ( et il y en a eu ! tellement elles étaient toutes de mauvaise qualité) . J'en suis donc très satisfait . Merci.

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I like it

by StevenG

This can replaced my old sensor-operated rectangular can. I didn't pay attention to the height when I ordered it so I was a little disappointed, but that is my fault. I would prefer the semi-round can to be as tall as the older rectangular model. I'm 6 ft 2 and half to stoop down a little to get the sensor to activate on the new can. I have figured out I can flex my knee and it will open too so it's a work around that involves a dance. And a taller can would take up less width and depth, disappearing better into its surroundings like the old model. However, t he gear to open and close the lid is quieter and uses cheaper batteries to operate it than the old model. The color of the sensor is as blue as the lights at airport runway (mesmerizing). I appreciate the cubby for the bag. Nice addition. All around it is not perfect (not as tall as the old model hence the loss of a star) but there is no better kitchen trash can on the market. In other words, had I checked the height before ordering it, I still would have bought it. I don't settle for second best and I'm not about to start. It has to be Simplehuman or nothing.

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Superior Design

by AlanD

Quiet operation, small footprint, attractive design, good bag fitting. Superior to the previous model. (The back protrudes out a little too far: only a minor aesthetic issue for me.)

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sensor can

by Jeanne C

Excellent.....smooth, quiet, very easy to use, empty and all around terrific Filled J bags slide easily out for removal when filled

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Works very well

by Dave K

I went down this path of buying a high end garbage can for the kitchen even though my wife said it is only for the garbage and it has performed up to the simple human products. We had other can that were foot triggered however this sensor activated can really rocks my garbage world. Very pleased and impressed on how smooth and good looking the can is...worth every dime on the cost. Thanks for such a unique option.

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by flavuien F

super qualité rien à dire

thank you for your input

Great Sensor Can with a couple exceptions


This is my second sensor can from Simplehuman. It is a great improvement from the 45 liter, battery-operated only sensor can which I still use. It is much quieter and very easy to clean since it is all stainless steel. It works great with the power adapter. I have not tried using it with the batteries. The power adapter would be a good option for all of their sensor cans since the batteries wore out pretty quickly on my first one. I only rated it with 4 stars since I noted a couple of quirks. One being that the lid has closed while wiping food off a plate into the sensor can. It would be nice for the lid to stay open when the sensor is blocked, not just when it detects motion. The second quirk happens when the plug is unplugged from the sensor can and then plugged back in. The sensor did not work after the plug was put back in. I just unplugged the power adapter from the outlet, then plugged it back in and the sensor worked fine. Other than those two exceptions this is a great product!

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. Our touch-free semi-round sensor can opens automatically with just a wave of your hand so throwing trash away is quick, efficient and hassle-free. It has dynamic sensing that adapts to your tasks -- when the lid is closed, the sensor range is short and focused -- no false triggers. When open, the sensor expands to the area in front of the can, so the lid won't close until you are finished. Feel free to call us at 877-988-7770 8am-5pm PST M-F should you ever need help with any of our products!

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Love it

by PrashanshaS

This bin is everything I expected it to be. Looks beautiful, works beautifully and I love it.

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Semi-round sensor bin

by MollieA

After buying a Simplehuman rectangular bin for my son, I was keen to have one myself. I would have preferred a rectangular one which would have sat flush to the wall. Although I love having the liners to hand I would have forfeited that feature to have a flat back. Otherwise I love it. My family still have to get used to it opening if they walk too close but it hardly ever happens with me now. I now have a lovely large bin and have freed up space in a cupboard for compost bin and food waste bins. A winner all round!

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Very good

by VictorS

It's just works as expected. Looks as expected. And it's just good as expected :) Finally I have a large can that doesn't get full by the end of the day, finally I can have my hands clean while throwing the garbage! Thanks, Simplehuman!

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It's eh....

by JasonK

This can is great in theory, and very attractive. The issues I have are: The sensor is sensitive, so if I walk by the can, standing 2 feet away, the lid will open. The can has opened by itself several times. There are times I try to get the lid to open, and it won't open. Very frustrating. I've owned the can a month so far.

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Waste bin


Beautifully styled and very quiet. Fits my smaller kitchen perfectly.

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What a good product this is!

by RogerH

I had used a competitor's product for years. It frequently broke and did not always work. After the second one bit the dust, I decided to try this one from Simplehuman. I had very good luck with the other products I bought from them. Their customer service is outstanding. You can talk to a live person who will give you instant results. This trash can is a marvel. It works as advertised. The replacement bags fit into a compartment in the rear of the can. This is very convenient as they are handy and easy to replace. Buying these replacement bags in quantity is a bargain compared to a fitting bag size of common brands bought in stores. The sensor works very well and does exactly what it is meant to do. I also like the quiet operation. I also bought the power adapter. Now I don't have to worry about battery replacement. I can highly recommend this good looking product, along with anything else this company has in store. I definitely give it a 5 star rating.

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by larryS

works perfect. love it

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Excellent Product

by CliveA

I purchased the bin to replace an old bin and to match in with our new kitchen. It is very stylish, matches in with the new kitchen, particularly the subtle brushed chrome effect. The automatic opening/closing makes it so simple to use and I like the neat little touch of the bin liner dispenser inside the sin itself. In summary worth every penny of the price !!

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Beautiful, functional, and complimentary

by DonU

I purchased and have been using the new 45L semi-round sensor can for just over one month now. It is truly a beautiful addition to my home. I like that the opening is large and that the lid raises quickly. The motor is so quiet it would not wake even the lightest of sleepers - very impressive. I also like that when the plastic liner is installed, it is not visible from the outside at all. A very clean look that matches my stainless steel appliances. Although it can operate on just 4 AA batteries (included - nice touch), I purchased the AC adapter. The can sits nicely at one end of my kitchen island where I do food prep, plugged into one of the outlets on the island, and that makes is so easy to drop in waste without touching the can or having to step on a pedal. Perfect for when my hands are messy. No worries about cross contamination. I definitely recommend the sensor series of cans to family and friends.

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Vast improvements over previous model

by CamilleC

I liked my previous rectangular sensor can, but this next generation can blows the previous model away. Whisper quiet, excellent upgrade of the sensor technology, love the lift up lid which makes it easy to change bags, even the liner pocket is convenient. The smudge-free finish does hide fingerprints. Well worth the investment.

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