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38 litre
rectangular step can
brushed stainless steel | plastic lid

sku # CW1950

parts   instructions for replacement  

rectangular lid, black plastic

a replacement lid for selected rectangular pedal bins

sku # PD0290

what could be wrong:

  • The hinge attached to the lid no longer houses the vertical rod, therefore the lid doesn't open properly.
rectangular lid, black plastic

14,99 €

38 litre replacement bucket, rectangular, black

for selected 38 litre rectangular pedal bins

sku # PD5025

34,99 €

lid hinge pin (one pin)

  • Connects the lid to the body of the can.

a replacement hinge pin for the lid on selected rectangular and round pedal bins

sku # PD0187

6,99 €

mini air damper

  • Controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close.

for selected rectangular, semi-round, butterfly, round pedal bins with silent close

sku # PD0268R

what could be wrong:

  • The lid closes quickly.
  • As the lid is closing, there is a groaning sound.
mini air damper

12,99 €

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