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simplehuman's response to COVID-19

Will simplehuman still deliver my order?

Yes, your order will still be delivered. Our delivery partner (DPD) is taking precautions to limit infection risk when delivering and collecting parcels.

I’m self-isolating, will simplehuman deliver my order?

Yes. Once your order is dispatched you will receive a tracking email from DPD. This email will give you the option to defer your delivery to a later date or alternative address, if you wish to do so.

On the day of delivery, DPD will notify you of an expected time of arrival. If you are self-isolating, please leave a note attached to your front door instructing the driver where your parcel should be left. For more information, see "What is simplehuman doing to limit infection risk when delivering?".

What is simplehuman doing to limit infection risk when delivering?

Our delivery partner (DPD) is following government guidelines to provide contact-free delivery:

  • you will no longer be required to sign for delivery
  • item(s) will be left at your door and after knocking, the delivery driver will step aside to a safe distance while you retrieve your item(s)
  • you can specify a safe place to leave your delivery by leaving an instruction attached to your front door
  • please note: If you do not specify a safe place to leave your delivery and you do not open the door to retrieve your parcel(s), the delivery driver will take your item(s) away and leave a failed delivery note

I’m self-isolating, how can I return a product?

For information on how to return an item, visit our returns page.

If you have been unable to return an unwanted item due to self-isolation restrictions, we will still accept a return and refund you after the usual period if the item is unused and returned in its original packaging.

If you’re having problems with a product you’ve purchased, please contact us.

What is simplehuman doing to limit infection risk when packing orders in the distribution centre?

simplehuman is following government guidelines and has an excellent “keep it out” policy:

  • only healthy staff without symptoms are at work
  • strict guidelines are in place for reporting any illness
  • all key entry and exit points are regularly disinfected, including the loading bays
  • all staff wash their hands on entering and exiting the building, and regularly throughout the day
  • workstations are disinfected and cleaned regularly
  • anyone who can work from home is working remotely

There is a strict door policy in place for visitors to the distribution centre:

  • on arrival, delivery drivers are thoroughly questioned and refused access if they show signs of any infection
  • drivers are kept at a distance
  • delivery and collection vehicle doors are disinfected before opening
  • where possible, drivers unload their deliveries onto clean pallets
  • all deliveries that have been in transit for less than 14 days are disinfected and left for 2 hours before being touched by staff
  • returns from customers are disinfected and left for 72 hours before being touched by staff

Information correct as of 21st December 2020.