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50 litre
semi-round pedal bin
grey plastic

sku# CW1357

Our semi-round plastic pedal bin has a flat back for easy placement against the wall and out of the way. Its large capacity also makes it an ideal choice for busy areas around the home. It has a strong steel pedal that is designed to last, and our patented lid shox technology ensures a smooth, silent close every time. A slide lock helps keep rubbish in and pets and curious children out.

Try our custom fit liner for this bin – extra strong and a perfect fit.
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silent close lid

Our patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. When the pedal is depressed, opening the lid, the damper forces air out so the lid opens quickly, then uses resistance to slowly let air back in so the lid quietly closes.

lock the lid shut

A slide lock securely locks the lid to help keep pets and curious children from getting into the rubbish.

semi-round shape

Space-efficient semi-round shape is great for high-traffic areas.

stay-open lid

Dent-proof plastic lid keeps rubbish covered but stays open for as long as you like — perfect for longer chores.

large capacity

Ideal for large families or busy households.

wall bumper

Keeps the lid from bumping the wall.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

custom fit liners

Our code P liners are designed to fit this bin perfectly so they don't slip. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears.

  • 50 litre


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Really good pedal bin

by NasirZ

The foot pedal is strong and doesn’t break. You can also open the lid using your hands and it can stay open.

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bon produit

by fannyS

la poubelle et très bien, sauf bémol : le couvercle était trop à l'étroit dans le carton ou mal placé et du coup il est un peu de travers et ne se ferme pas correctement

note from simplehuman

Bonjour. Nous sommes désolées qu'il y avait un problème avec la poubelle. Quelqu'un de notre service client sera bientôt en contact avec vous.

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je recommande

by RenéeP

aucun problème de livraison produit conforme a nos attentes très satisfaite d'avoir fait ce choix elle est discrète et fond bien avec l’ensemble de ma cuisine je recommande ce site et ce pr'oduit

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functional and attractive

by DanielaF

This has been a great investment to keep my dogs out of the trash can. It works so well, I can't hardly get in there to throw the trash away. It requires broken fingernails and a few swear words to get that darn lid open. Other than that it has worked and lived up to it's billing.

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as good looking for a garbage can then you can get

by jamesB

Had a beautiful grey and brown floor put down in Kitchen This was only can that had an interesting shape and perfect color for floor I bought two

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Super can!

by Rhoda B

This is a terrific product! It works without a glitch and is just the right sized for the space where we placed it. It's easy to operate and clean. I really like the quiet close feature and that fact that when you need it to stay open it does! Great product! Buy it!

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Keeps my dog out of the trash. Expensive but worth it!!!

by sherryM

It's a great can. I wish they made a bigger size. We produce alot of trash. It keeps my dogs out. Which is worth the price it costs.I would recommend.

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wonderful product

by KK

I am very satisfied with my purchase. I never would have imagined paying what I did for a trash bin, however it is worth every penny. The foot pedal option is very convenient. I like being able to open the lid by hand and it staying open. My grandchild cannot open the lid with the heavy lid lock. I purchased the can after seeing a friends and then purchased one for my daughter in law! It is the simple things that make life nice! Thank you for a quality product.

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Favorite trash can

by KatherineM

I have had a number of kitchen trash cans over the years, and this is the best. Works well, stays clean looking, cleans up well, looks good -- what more can one ask of a kitchen trash can?

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Nice Can!

by CarolynR

Trash can is very nice looking and I like the fact you can keep the lid open without stepping on the handle, handy when cooking. Regular 30 gal. bags fit fine as well.

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Love it!

by KathyT

I have already recommened this to others, I wish I'd found this years ago! With four BIG dogs, garbage has always been an issue. I was so tired of putting the can in the garage every time I had to leave the house. The dogs have tested the new can and I can tell you the can won every time!

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Sharp looking, worth the money

by ChristyN

I was very pleased by the function of the trash can, after only owning cheap plastic trash cans with flimsy lids before. A regular 13-gal. trash bag works fine with this fan. It really does have a self-shutting lid that is silent and is impressive looking as it shuts. I purchased this particular trash can, because it had a metal step and it works great. I would definitely by this same trash can if I needed one again.

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Very happy with it!

by laviniaH

Bought this trash can quite a while ago, and it still works great. Good size, don't even have to take the lid off when you put a new bag on it-love that!!!-it looks nice in the kitchen, very durable, we use it a lot and i can say it's well made, and just does the job. Best trash can we've ever bought, would buy it again anytime:)

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Great value

by JustinS

Excellent size. Closing mechanism is really nice and quiet. Since it's plastic it does tend to shift when stepping on the pedal but the issue goes away as it fills with garbage. If you're THAT concerned about it shifting then step up to the metal bins. If you need large capacity (1 week for 2 people), good looks, silent close and slim design then get this can. Also, standard 13gal kitchen bags (febreze drawstring!!) fit very well in this can. Much less expensive than the custom liners. (Side note: I do recognize that the custom liners are much, much thicker and stronger than the store-bought bags, but I don't think it's really worth the extra $$$)

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Thought it was dog proof...

by V.L

We were drawn to this because of the 'lock' feature, hoping this would be our trick to keeping our Springer Spaniel from going through the trash. It looks great and is very well made. But one day we came home and once again, our 'special' dog and found a way to unlock the lid and got into the trash. He is quite clever so I can't blame the unit. It survived his attack, just a few scratches. We changed the door knob to the closet and solved the problem! But love the trash can!!!

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by KelleyC

Love this trash can! I get so many compliments too! The only drawback is I wish it had something to secure the bag inside because folding it over the top of the can doesn't always stay. No regrets in buying though. Get one!

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Merry Christmas for the Cat!

by AmberA

(This is the review I left previously on Amazon) This was my Christmas present for my cat... He might not appreciate it much, but we sure do. Until this came in the mail, Mr. Tapeworm McRabies (aka Tapers the cat) got put in the bathroom every night since Thanksgiving when he assisted the turkey carcass in climbing out of its plastic Sterilite grave the day after thanksgiving and spreading its bones all over the floor even though we'd had a Rube Goldberg chair trap in place against the lid to prevent just that. That was pretty much the last straw for Tapers vs. Sterlite garbage can, so off to the internet I went. The stainless steel ones really look nice, but at $180 for this size in metal, I just could not justify it, so I ended up with this plastic one. (And really, $50 seems like so much for plastic, doesn't it?!) I ordered the grey one directly from the website (figured it would show dirt less) but so far am very happy with it. If you order from the simplehuman website they'll let you include a personalized gift card. Mine said "Hey cat, good luck getting into the garbage now that it locks! Ha." It has a push in lock so you really can keep animals and small children out, but the lid is actually heavy enough that we don't always lock it and the cat still hasn't managed to do more than just sniff it and sadly pat it's closed lid with his paws wistfully the week since it replaced the Sterilite. As long as he never figures out the step part, we're set (assumes a lot...but we'll see). The whole thing is very sturdy and seems really well built. As for the step mechanism, we shall see, but I haven't read a single review of failure and it's very smooth. Standard trashbags fit great (which is why I got this size, fyi...14 gal trashbags are supercheap at Costco and I had a ton of them). Easy to put in and out. No problems with them falling down in...the shape does a good job of holding onto them. Really nicely packaged. Comes with all sorts of nice product info and nice stickers [which peel of w/o residue] explaining the features. I found this stuff very useful to practice throwing things away in my new deluxe garbage can...but whatever. Even comes with free trashbags so you can start using it immediately :P Only thing I'm a little uncertain of is the air's a bit weird dealing with a lid that doesn't go down's nice and quite, but I find myself looking back a lot to make sure it closes (it does...I'll get over it). Anyway, super nice trash can for a plastic one. My cat is back to stalking the whole apartment at night, so he might not know how much he likes his present, but he does! Update: Still really liking the can. The cat has indeed figured out the lid when it isn't locked (weird...he's not the brightest cat usually, but when potential food is involved he gets downright inventive...). He hasn't figured out the step but he has a very creative way of using his head and paw to defeat the air shocks and lift it up. But the snap lock has the win! Poor cat...he lacks opposable thumbs, so, provided the fallible humans don't forget, he'll never get it open again :)

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not good - it moves

by samJ

We bought this because we thought it would fit flush up against a wall -- but it doesn't. There is a portion that sticks out of the middle in back, so you can't place it against a wall. If you do try, the trash can will move every time you use it -- so it's sliding all over your floor. We returned ours.

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