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sensor mirror trio
20cm round
1x, 5x and 10x magnification

sku# ST3038

Our sensor mirror trio is like having three mirrors in one. One side is 5x magnification so you can view your entire face in exceptional detail. And with a quick, easy flip to the other side, you get a 1x true view with a 10x window for detail work like applying eyeliner – all the magnifications you need for pro-quality makeup application. Its tru-lux light system simulates natural sunlight, allowing you to see full colour variation, so you'll know when your makeup is colour-correct and flawless. It also has a candlelight setting, so you can check your look in low light before you go. The touch-control brightness gives you fast, intuitive control over a continuous range of brightness. And the motion sensor lights up the mirror automatically as your face approaches. It is cordless and rechargeable – one charge lasts up to 5 weeks.
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three views in one mirror
View your entire face with enhanced
clarity and detail. Great for overall
makeup work.
Ideal for checking your look at true size.
Extremely close-up view for detail work
like tweezing and applying eye makeup.
see yourself
in the best light
Under the wrong lighting, makeup colours
can fool you. Our tru-lux light system allows you
to see subtle variations in your makeup colour
so you’ll always know when your makeup is
colour-correct and flawless.
sensor on/off
Detects when you are in front of the mirror so it lights up automatically as your face approaches.
a quick switch
Flip the mirror for a fast and effortless transition between views.
touch-control brightness
Fast, intuitive control over a continuous range of brightness from 100 lux to 800 lux.
dual light settings
Check your look under full sunlight or true-to-life candlelight.
cordless & rechargeable
Recharges with standard USB. One charge lasts up to 5 weeks.
  • trio 20cm



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Well done with one exception

by Taya

The mirror is worth the money! Solidly made and works smoothly with one finger to move its parts. No need to hold it's base to make adjustments. The color and dimmability is great and the magnifications make it possible to see very close up as well as the overall effect without moving .. that said the height is a little tall if you use at a chair pulled up to a 36" high surface like a counter. It’s better at table or vanity height.

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by Gigi

Sleek, elegant, and wireless! Perfect in every way. Great customer support!

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Frustrated and unsatisfied

by Lynne

Just got my replacement mirror and still unhappy with its performance. Really inconsistent. Sometimes it works and sometimes it turns off spontaneously. I’ve tried moving it, angling it and still can’t be guaranteed consistent performance. Would not recommend this product

note from simplehuman

We meticulously design and extensively test all of our products to ensure that they work and look great for many years. We stand behind our products and that's why we back them all with our hassle-free warranty. We have contacted this customer to determine what is causing the trouble and make this right for them.

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by Judy

This mirror is fantastic! I wish that I had one years ago. Two minor issues that would not be deal breakers, keeping in mind, I’ve only been using it a week. One, my charge only lasted a week. Two, the sensor is sensitive. I turn it on when I am not using it. I’m expecting those two issues to get better this second week as I get more accustom to using the mirror. Thank you for the very well made product.

note from simplehuman

Based on average daily use of 10-15 minutes and the most common brightness setting, the mirror should last 4-5 weeks on a single charge. When the brightness is increased it will drain the battery at a faster rate and the mirror will need to be charged more often.

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by Michelle

I love the mirror...

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