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miroir à capteur grand angle pro
miroir grossissement en x1 + détails en x10 acier inoxydable

réf n° ST3014

Regardez-vous sous une lumière éclatante ! Notre nouveau miroir à capteur a une grande surface de visibilité et des panneaux latéraux pliants, vous offrant une vue imprenable quel que soit l'angle. Le miroir s'allume automatiquement lorsque vous approchez votre visage. Son système d'éclairage tru-lux simule la lumière naturelle, pour une vision des couleurs des plus fidèles et lumineuses, afin de vous assurer un maquillage toujours parfait. Le miroir est facilement rechargeable grâce à son son port USB et son adaptateur intégré, et peut être utilisé pendant 3 semaines. Téléchargez l'application simplehuman afin de capturer les paramètres d'éclairage propres à votre bureau, votre restaurant préféré ou à n'importe quel lieu où vous souhaitez être toujours à votre avantage, et recréez ces éclairages chez vous via le miroir.
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279,97 €

399,95 €


ans de garantie
livraison gratuite
retours gratuits sous 90 jours
voyez-vous sous votre meilleur jour
Un mauvais éclairage dénature les couleurs de votre maquillage. Notre système d'éclairage tru-lux simule la lumière naturelle du soleil pour une vision plus claire aux couleurs plus fidèles.
comparer l'éclairage :
éclairage basique
La plupart des lumières de miroir ne contiennent pas tout le spectre chromatique, il est donc impossible de voir les subtiles variations de votre couleur de maquillage.
réglable via l'app
Via l'app, détectez les paramètres d'éclairage de votre environnement et recréez-les à la perfection dans votre miroir.
enregistrez tous vos endroits favoris
Restez impeccable au travail, au club de gym ou dans votre restaurant préféré... partout où vous voulez être à votre avantage, et dites adieu aux mauvaises surprises !
la confiance sous
tous les angles
Une grande surface de visibilité et des panneaux latéraux pliants vous offrent une vue imprenable quel que soit l'angle.
détection adaptative
La lumière s'allume automatiquement quand vous approchez votre visage. Pendant l'utilisation, la sensibilité du capteur augmente pour éviter qu'il ne s'éteigne inopinément.
besoin d'un rappel ?
Gérez votre temps efficacement avec la fonction d'alarme douce du miroir : sa lumière clignote pour vous rappeler l'heure.
adieu les fils !
Le miroir est rechargeable et peut-être utilisé sans fil jusqu'à 3 semaines avec une seule charge.
grand angle ou
grossissement x10
Le petit miroir magnétique et amovible offre une vue agrandie pour les taches minutieuses, telles que l’épilation ou le maquillage des yeux.
miroir grossissant x10
Se fixe avec un aimant au centre du miroir principal. Très pratique, il se range au dos du miroir principal.
  • pro grand angle

    grossissement en x1


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I love it so much I got two of them

by Michelle

Originally I bought the second one because I cracked one of the tri-fold mirrors during a recent move and wanted to replace it. I never got around to parting with the first one and held onto forward a few months, and my darling boyfriend cracked the new mirror. I called simplehuman desperately trying to figure out a way to fix my beloved mirror. Right away the girl informed me that all I had to do was request a shipping label and pay $50 to fix the mirror. So I ended up fixing both and now I feel super spoiled!!! Not only are these mirrors amazing (my friends and I will waste hours playing with the Instagram filters and doing our makeup) but I've really appreciated the amazing customer service that simplehuman offers their clients. I also have a simplehuman trash can and hopefully I'll get some more of their great products in the future!! But if you have to splurge on one simplehuman's gotta be this mirror!

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Love simplehuman

by Sanaa

Everything I bought from that company was very good and the company itself very helpful and they do care about customers needs

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by V.

I love, love, love this mirror. This is the best investment I have ever purchased. Don’t hesitate just buy it! You deserve it.

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Mirror Pro

by Debbie

So far I like it..............might be a little big and I wish the side mirrors adjusted more. Would like them to tilt in more as they don't seem to do much for me way out to the side. I'd like them to tilt in more to see the side of my face better.

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She Is Happy and Loves It!

by R

Got it for her as a gift. She is so beautiful to me but...still spends the most intense and focused attention to her make-up and when she is done...I sometimes just stand and look at how beautiful she is.'s the best...and to simplehuman customer service elite John...thank you! You clearly walk-the-talk. Make sure your team members and team lead are aware of how you helped totally eliminate a shipping issue with no impact on the delivery date! Thank you, R.K.

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Simply does not work

by Erika

The mirror itself is beautiful and exactly the size I needed. Sadly that’s the best thing I can say. Mine simply did not work. Synced once then did not stay synced. It also seemed to not hold a charge. No one from customer service ever got back to me for help so I returned it. Really bummed. I wanted to love this.

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Waste of money

by Dana

I was expecting more! The magnifying mirror attaches in one place and it’s in a very unuseful and too small - the main reason I bought the mirror was so I could see close up! Total waste of $400

note from simplehuman

Our sensor mirror pro, wide view features a 1x magnification and side-panels so that you can see your full-look. The magnetic 4-inch 10x mirror is included to offer a close-up view allowing for highly detailed work like eye makeup, pore maintenance, tweezing stray hairs, etc. We do offer plenty of other mirrors with varied sizes, magnifications, features and finishes. You can check them out here:

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by Coreen

In two years I have had to replace mirror twice. It stopped charging after 1 year the first time. And the second mirror started pitting after 6 months. It isn’t worth the hassle. I have two other simplehuman mirrors and haven’t had any problems with them. This specific mirror isn’t worth the money

note from simplehuman

We meticulously design and extensively test all of our products to ensure that they work and look great for many years. We stand behind our mirrors and that's why we back them all with our 5-year hassle-free warranty. Should any issue arise, we always encourage our customers to contact us so that we can make it right.

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Not satisfied

by Bonita

Was disappointed because the sides did not fold in at an angle to be able to see the sides of your face. Also the small 10x mirror not big enough to do full close up work. Sorry. Sent back

note from simplehuman

Our sensor mirror pro wide view can have it's side panels adjusted to a 45 degree angle which gives a good view of the sides of your face. The 4 inch diameter, 10x detail mirror is also designed for highly detailed work like intricate eye makeup or tweezing stray hairs.

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