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miroir à capteur pro
20cm de diamètre
miroir grossissement en x5 + détails en x10

réf n° ST3007

Our 8-inch round sensor mirror pro has a large 5x magnification mirror with a 10x magnification detail mirror that magnetically attaches to the front and stores on the back. With a color rendering index (CRI) of 90, its tru-lux light system closely simulates natural sunlight’s full color spectrum to show every detail. Capable of over 50,000 color variations, you can use the phone to choose presets or capture light settings from the environment around you and recreate them on the mirror. And it is wifi-enabled so you can access the mirror’s smart features. The mirror easily recharges and one charge lasts up to 3 weeks.
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181,99 €

259,99 €


ans de garantie
livraison gratuite
retours gratuits sous 90 jours
sous votre meilleur jour
Un mauvais éclairage dénature les couleurs de votre maquillage. Notre système d'éclairage tru-lux simule la lumière naturelle du soleil pour une vision des plus claires et avec des couleurs plus fidèles.
comparer l'éclairage:
éclairage basique
La plupart des lumières de miroir ne contiennent pas tout le spectre chromatique, il est donc impossible de voir les subtiles variations de votre couleur de maquillage.
température de couleur
Capable de plus de 50 000 variations de couleur, choisissez les préréglagles ou bien utilisez l'application sur votre téléphone pour capturer les paramètres d'éclairage de votre environnement et les recréer dans le miroir.
enregistre tous vos
endroits favoris
Utilisez votre téléphone pour accéder aux paramètre d'éclairage personnalisés et vérifier votre apparence au bureau, à votre salle de sport, à votre restaurant préféré - n'importe où vous souhaitez apparaître sous votre meilleur jour. Fini les devinettes et les surprises !
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double grossissement
grossissement en x5
Votre visage est visible en intégralité avec un détail exceptionnel.
grossissement en x10
Une vision en très gros-plan pour les tâches comme s'épiler et se maquiller.
miroir détails
en x10
Attaché magnétiquement au centre du miroir principal. Se range facilement au dos.
détecteur de mouvement
Détecte lorsque vous êtes en face du miroir, et s'allume automatiquement en approchant le visage.
détection adaptative
Une fois en marche, la sensibilité du détecteur de mouvement s'accroît afin que le miroir ne s'éteigne pas inopinément.
fonction wifi
Utilisez l'application pour accéder aux caractéristiques intelligentes du miroir.
fonctionne avec IFTTT
Installez les conditions ou les "RECETTES" pour contrôler les paramètres d'éclairage ou les différentes caractéristiques - comme par exemple après 18h00, IFTTT atténuera la luminosité du miroir.
adieu les fils !
Le miroir est rechargeable et peut-être utilisé sans fil jusqu'à 4 semaines avec une seule charge.
  • pro 20cm

    grossissement en x5/x10


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So happy with this mirror

by CocoK

I ike this mirror a lot! Works well. I should set 1 min turned on in setting as it turns off too often. But then it works perfectly. I read many bad review on this model, but so far it works well and i just bought another one as a gift to my brother :)

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Fantastic product

by DeborahS

I love this mirror - makes putting my make up on much easier. Looks very stylish on my dressing table too!

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Only works intermittently - not worth the investment

by CiaraH

Worked fine for about a month, then after that only intermittently. Regularly stays on, needing it to be switched on and off manually, loses charge way too fast, doesn't light to the brightest setting, or doesn't come on at all. Not user friendly at all, which is a shame, because on the rare occasions it works properly the light is great for doing makeup. After reading reviews of the company I discovered they will not help after 30 days so didn't bother contacting them, just muddle along switching on and off the mirror manually and hoping it will be bright enough. Very disappointed as have a I number of other simple human products and no complaints with them. Bins, shower caddys, etc.

note from simplehuman

Hello, I am glad to hear that you love the style and design of the mirror as well as our other products. I am sorry that you have had problems with your model, and we would be happy to help you out. Please note that all of our mirrors are covered by a 5 year warranty for any manufacture defaults. To claim, simply forward your order details issue to our support team via our contact form or email address and we will be able to help you further.

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by GloriaD

Love it a woman tool learn how to use the eye mirror

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Best Ever

by LillyB

This mirror is fabulous. I thought the mirror I used to have was fine but this light blows it away. The lighting for applying makeup is absolutely perfect. I also love that it turns on and off as I approach it. Beautifully made! Getting one for each of my sisters for christmas.

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8 inch round, 5x + 10x tiny stick on mirror.

by GaylaH

Ridiculous. I thought the tiny mirror popped out and flipped over or something. Just a stick on.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for taking the time to review your Sensor Mirror Pro. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and serve you better. This mirror includes a 10X magnified mirror that is magnetic and attaches to the front during use and is stored in the back when not in use.

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Makeup mirror

by KathyA

Finally my dream makeup mirror! Worth every penny!

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by MaryB

Love my new sensor mirror--the brightness that can be controlled, auto shut off, various lighting choices. (I had a HECK of a time trying to view the alternative light settings, but Ilda in customer support was awesome--> at the GREEN screen, swipe left or right, lighting choices appear. Did not see that anywhere in directions.) NEST does not work unless you have a NEST camera. IFTTT is good if you want to program a specific light setting for an occasion. Now that I know HOW to get to the other light settings without using the other apps, I am extremely pleased. Have not had to recharge yet, have had 2 weeks. I did set up IFTTT "recipe" to alert me when it needs to be recharged. And I really, really like the 5" 10x magnifier that attaches magnetically to the front. It's just the right size for extreme closeup work, then pops back in neatly out of sight. So handy! I know it is pricey, but SO worth it!

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Sensor Mirror Pro-SOOO disappointed this version does NOT height adjust, so taking away stars

by BG

Cannot beleive does not height adjust like "non Pro"version. Just beware this version does not have height adjustment capability. I did not notice when ordered. What a coincidence I got request email to review because I just went to use mirror last night (have had for a week or so but had used yet). I am really disappointed that IT DOES NOT ADJUST up and down like the non-magnifying version. I already had the 8" 5X magnification version of this --without the magnifying mirror. I loved it and have been using it for almost two years.BUT I still had to use an additional magnifying mirror. Purchased the Simple Human 5" 10x magnification to try with it, but was just too much sitting out on my counter etc. so I purchased and had been using with it, the Telescoping Twistmirror (which is pretty great). When I saw the Pro version that had a magnifier, I said fantastic!! I decided to put mine in guest bedroom bath and get this version! REALLY disappointed when went to use and found it does not adjust up and down. Do not about others, but for me, I do not sit when put my makeup on or do plucking/grooming/flash eye lashes. Although there is a bench seat at my counter I prefer to stand. I am not that tall even 5"2" and bothers me to have to bend over to use mirror. I did not have to bend over with the other version I had. The 8" 5x magnification adjusts the height up and down and was perfect -albeit expensive investment at $200. I cannot believe for $250.00 ---$50 dollar more, that this version does not adjust. $50 more for just the magnifier I guess. I tried to use small round magnifier from0 this Pro version on my other 8" mirror (non Pro version) and it will not adhere. There is no magnet on non Pro version and the Pro version does not height adjust. You have to choose if you desire both features. I think they cheaped-out or are very clever when making Pro version :) Depends on what you want.... $250 for PRO magnifier but no height adjustment $200 adjusts but no magnifier $200 8" 5x that adjusts + $130 5" 10x to get both adjustment and magnifier -and would have to have wo mirrors. I have bought ALOT online for 10 years and believe this is only my 2nd or 3rd review. I am that disappointed. May return for the cost and functionality. May go back to using my other 8" adjustable version and my Twistmirror magnifier.

note from simplehuman

The 8” Sensor Mirror Pro has a height adjustment feature which is adjusted by rotating the face of the mirror. This mirror has a 10X Detail Mirror attachment for close up detail work and is also WIFI enabled - you can use the app to enable mirror smart features, works with alexa, Nest Cam and IFTT. We appreciate your feedback and I will pass this along to the team. We hope that our products can continue to serve you well for the years ahead.

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Best thing of Life

by KayliF

I use mine all everyday, all day. I love it and I do my makeup perfectly!!

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My wife thinks that this is the greatest thing ever made.

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Sensor Mirror Pro


Great Mirror! The phone app works well! I really like being able to control how long the mirror stays on! I love the added magnetic magnification mirror! It is perfect for eyebrow work! Well worth the money. Think of it this way... only about .68cents a day for a year on something that you will use everyday!

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mhm mirror

by MarthaJ

This mirror is everything it is advertised to be. Love it

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