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30 litres
poubelle papillon à pédale
acier inoxydable

réf n° CW1956

Notre poubelle papillon à pédale a un couvercle divisé innovant qui s'ouvre au centre pour offrir un maximum de place sous les comptoirs du bas. Sa forme étroite et peu encombrante maximise les endroits exigus. La pédale robuste en acier et la technologie brevetée lid shox assureront un fonctionnement aisé et silencieux pendant des années. Essayez nos sacs-poubelle sur mesure pour cette poubelle – ultrarésistants et de taille parfaite.
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pédale robuste en acier

Notre pédale robuste en acier a été conçue pour résister à plus de 150 000 utilisations — cela représente plus de 20 ouvertures par jour pendant 20 ans.

couvercle à fermeture silencieuse

Notre technologie brevetée lid shox ralentit le mouvement du couvercle. Lorsque vous appuyez sur la pédale pour ouvrir le couvercle, l'amortisseur force l'air à sortir pour une ouverture rapide. Dès lors, la résistance permet l'entrée lente de l'air pour fermer le couvercle silencieusement et lentement.

couvercle papillon

Le couvercle papillon s’ouvre du centre pour offrir un maximum de place lorsqu’il s’ouvre sous les comptoirs bas.

charnière interne

Vous permet de placer cette poubelle contre le mur.

couvercle reste-ouvert

Le couvercle reste ouvert aussi longtemps que vous le souhaitez, ce qui est idéal pour les tâches longues.

couvercle en plastique anti-bosse

Ni la poussière ni les traces de doigts ne seront visibles.

base antidérapante

La base antidérapante en caoutchouc stabilise la poubelle sans abîmer vos planchers.


Pour un changement de sac facile, levez le bac quelques centimètres, inclinez-le ver vous, puis posez-le dans la position de l’appuie-bac.

bac amovible

Le bac durable prévient l'égouttement salissant et il s'enlève pour un nettoyage facile.

une promesse simple

Nous utilisons les meilleurs matériaux avec une fabrication robuste pour que nos produits durent pendant des années.

sacs-poubelle sur mesure

Nos sacs code H ont été conçus sur mesure pour cette poubelle afin qu’ils restent en place et soient complètement cachés lorsque le couvercle est fermé. Le plastique ultrarésistant et doubles coutures robustes préviennent les accrocs et les déchirures.

  • 10 litres

  • 30 litres

  • 45 litres

  • 40 litres poubelle de recyclage


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a handy-sized bin

by leafN

Really like the foot-pedal lids, and appreciate the butterfly opening allowing it to fit under my counters while still being able to open all the way. My only quibble with the design is that there is only a hand-hold on one end of the top of the bin, so moving it without dragging it is not particularly easy.

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Butterfly Top Opening Trash Can

by RodP

Functions simply and perfectly.

thank you for your input

Great for our kitchen

by mC

Perfect fit in our small nook and excellent customer service responsiveness, helping me track down and reclaim the shipment which I inadvertently had sent to the wrong address

thank you for your input

What a load of rubbish!


We all get it and our new Simplehuman swallows it all. This is a very well made product which hopefully will take care of our household waste for many years to come. The on-line service and delivery was first class.

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30 litre butterfly step can

by CherylP

Perfect size to fit underneath my center island in the kitchen with butterfly opening. Butterfly opening allows lid to open without slamming into counter top. I looked high and low for this feature with 30 gallon capacity. The step feature is great because it closes slowly and quietly. With a lot of battery operated no touch features I find myself waving my hand impatiently waiting for lid to open. Love this can!! Great score

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Great, but problems

by MatthewT

I purchased a 30 liter butterfly step can at a store - and once I got home, noticed that there was a crack in the inside frame. I called simplehuman, and they were quite helpful and replaced the product, and paid for return shipping. However, the replacement trashcan has a bit of a manufacturing error, and one side of the lid doesn't shut flush with the other side. Still a pretty good trashcan.

thank you for your input

30 Litre Butterfly Step Can

by LaneB

We really like this trash can. We have two one for trash and one for recycling. The first set arrived banged up from shipment. Simplehuman returned them and double boxed the second set. They arrived with no problems. We wouldn't hesitate to buy again from this manufacturer.

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by PatriciaE

Delighted with this very nice step can, Just the right size, and nice enough looking to be left in a area where it is seen. I give it 5 stars.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

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Works great and nice looking

by PatriaH

This is a great garbage can. It opens and closes gently and is attractive. We use it in our office break room so it is opened and closed many times. No problems so far.

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Excellent product

by SueM

Excellent product, looks and works great. Company customer services also excellent

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most practical bin ever

by PeterD

looks like something you want in your kitchen, rather than something you have to have, but is just so easy to use and so simple to empty and change bags. It's a great size too! My best purchase for ages!!

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

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