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custom fit liner
3 refill packs (60 liners)

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One size does not fit all! Our liners are designed to fit each of our bins perfectly so there is no messy bag overhang or bunching – and they never slip. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears. Strong drawstring handles make the liners easy to lift, tie, and carry.
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perfect fit

Our liners are tailored to fit our bins perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay neatly hidden when the lid is closed.

thick double seams

Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears.

convenient drawstring handles

Easy to lift, tie, and carry.

one at a time

Dispenser pack opening makes it easy to grab one liner at a time — no perforations or unraveling.


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bag and move on

by jeffP

Don't fret on the price. Convenient and ease is the best way to explain.

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Custom Fit Liners

by JagssyS

I love the Simplehuman custom fit liners, sure they cost more than ordinary trash bags, but these don't rip and they fit perfectly without bunching up in the can or having to tuck excess away to make them look presentable. PERFECT.

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Excellent bags

by RobertV

Bags fit perfectly. Nice construction. Very durable.

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Liners that are great

by ShaunO

Kinda need these if you have one of the Simply Human trash cans. They fit, period. And others don't. So you can use the trashcan to it's fullest capacity.

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wrong size

by HectorB

The wrong size bag was shipped to me. It is too big for my simple human trash can. Very uncomfortable to use! And I spent about $70 or $80 on it.

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Trash can liner size U

by NormanshippingNM

Fits well. Great price. Very fast shipping

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by Victoria G

I love my rectangular steel bar trash can and I recently reordered liners. They are durable and don't leak. My order is shipped the day I order and receive them quickly. I also love rhe charcoal inserts. Love, love your products!!!

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Nice Bags

by TinaW

Simplehuman gave me these bags free with my garbage can purchase. They work fine, although I do not like their texture more than regular trashbags- they feel like paper or something. I found that I can still use my regular trash bags if I just stretch them a little, so I'm happy...

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by VictoriaG

I originally ordered the rectangular steel bar trash can. The quality and style are amazing. Great warranty! I have matching stainless steel appliances. I plan to build 3 new houses and will include simple human products in them. Also will gift my mother with these great products. I reorder liners @every 3-6 months. I also order charcoal filters. Fast shipping!! I love your product line.

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best trash can liners ever

by RuthS

better than ANY trash can liners EVER

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Great trash can!

by SteveS

Well made,dependable, size is large enough to allow a whole days worth of trash with no odor.

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way too expensive, but no alternative

by RoothB

The liners are totally made for the product. However, the price is easily 5 times.that of all other liners.

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Worth the price!

by jeffP

When the kitchen is the gathering place for all, Simplehuman is your solution. Clean & simple products

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Tough bin liners

by KateB

The bin liners fit the bin perfectly. they are easy to put in and remove when full. We live 3/4 mile from the bin collection point so they go in and out of a trailer - they are very strong and do not tear or split, even when over full.

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Trash Can Liners

by BarbZ

These work fine with the simplehuman can. They fit well and are of good quality material.

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The VERY BEST trash can ever

by VictoriaG

I absolutely love my rectangle steel bar trash can. Everyone raves about how stylish and the size of it. I like the sleek,clean look, functionality, and the fact I can order online the bags,charcoal filters and all other accessories.We are going to build another home ,"simple human" WILL be in it and in my adult childrens' new homes as well. I also gift their products.My can is in my kitchen.I don't know how I lived without it before now.

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Liners code U

by Mary LynnK

Bags fit perfectly in the new garbage can and are very strong. these are theonly bags I will use. Only problem is I must order them on line, I do ot see any size U of these liners in any stores where simple human is purchased such as William Sonoma or Bed bath and Beyond

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Only liner for Large bar can

by AdamB

The large step bar can is very convenient. It looks nice and works well. Well constructed and easy to use. The u can liner is the only liner to form fit this can. I wish they sold the liners in bulk rather than in lots of 20 as I like having them on hand and only reordering once or twice a year. So, please make a bulk (50+) pack for this liner to make things easier and cheaper (hopefully) per bag.

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Perfect Fit

by JordanS

These are a perfect fit and are very strong.

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