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dosificador de pared
acero inoxidable
444 ml

n.º de sku BT1034

Nuestros dosificadores de pared acaban con el desorden de botes de tu ducha y ayudan a tener todo lo que necesitas al alcance. La ergonómica palanca con forma de T se activa cogiéndola de forma natural y dispensa jabón de forma precisa con la ayuda de una sola mano. El gancho permite sujetar la maquinilla de afeitar, la esponja u otros accesorios. Se instala fácilmente con cintas adhesivas o se atornilla a la pared si prefieres una instalación más segura.
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Soy ergonómico

Nuestra duradera palanca con forma de T fundida a presión permite dispensar fácilmente la cantidad justa de jabón, champú o acondicionador.

fácil de instalar

Se instala con cinta de doble cara (en caso de superfícies lisas y homogéneas) o con tornillos.

ganchos de almacenamiento

Permiten colgar la maquinilla de afeitar, la esponja natural u otros accesorios.

sin desagradables derrames

Su amplia apertura facilita y agiliza la recarga sin derrames.

fácil de limpiar

El dispensador se levanta de la placa de pared para poder limpiarlo o rellenarlo fácilmente.

materiales antioxidantes

Los materiales, resistentes y de gran durabilidad, no se oxidarán ni decolorarán.

una simple promesa

Utilizamos los mejores materiales y una sólida ingeniería para que nuestros productos se mantengan intactos durante años.

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Simply The Best

by RodV

We have bought about 12 og these so far for various houses. Simply the best quality !!!

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Wall mount pump

by MargaretK

Love it

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Great product

by StephenP

Well made quality product, looks great and works well,

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by MarcM

Pratique et efficace. Seul regret : ne pas pouvoir choisir l'inscription, sur les miens il est écrit Shampoo alors qu'ils sont installés dans une entreprise...

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Making life simple for this human

by EstherK

I have bought the 3,2 and finally the 1 dispenser and I love them all. I used them for liquid hand soap dispensers and for dish washing liquid in the kitchen and even my guests love it

note from simplehuman

Thanks for your review! We appreciate your feedback and are happy you're enjoying your Triple Wall Mount Pump (BT1029), Double Wall Mount Pump (BT1028) as well as your Single Wall Mount Pump (BT1034). We hope that our products can continue to serve you well for the years ahead.

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by DeborahD

Design, pratique, qualitatif ! Que du positif.

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single wall mount pump

by MikeP

I tried 3 times (twice through Amazon and once direct with simplehuman) to get a pump marked "soap" and 3 times got one marked "conditioner". I gave up trying in the end and used a Dymo label - not exactly the look I was hoping for!

note from simplehuman

Hi Mike, Thanks fort the feedback, a customer service agent will reach out to you shortly to help you further with a lid marked "soap".

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Good but use screws not glue

by GoyR

The unit was a little bit bigger than I had expected, but actually fits well even in the small downstairs cloakroom. Followed the instructions precisely for the silicone glue fitting, including leaving it 24 hours before fitting. Unfortunately it fell off the tiled wall straight away on first use so I had to get my drill out after all and screw it to the wall after all. This method works great. Strangely the lid has the word 'shampoo' embossed in it when I'm actually using it for hand soap. Would be good to have a voice so the wording can be accurate ( I have visiting clients who might be confused...)

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Soap Wall Mount

by DanM

A+++, each new location I buy a new one - best procduct

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Great product, easy to install

by DebbieM

We got this for our shower; it was easy to install on the shower wall, and it is so modern looking and easy to use and refill - much better than fussing with a bottle of body wash. I would highly recommend this product.

thank you for your input

Our wall mount shampoo pump

by AngelaF

When we moved into our home, the previous owners had installed a simplehuman shampoo/conditioner pump in the shower. After using it, my husband decided he wanted one, too, since I was using the two units myself. We love hot having to worry about knocking down the shampoo bottles while showering. Plus it dispenses the perfect amount each time. Would like to have them in our other 2 bathrooms!

thank you for your input

Great Little product

by TrentB

This soap dispenser is terrific!! It is extremely well made and holds quite a bit of liquid. The mechanism is smooth to operate and delivers a generous portion of soap. Highly recommend this product

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Single, wall mount pump.

by BillP

This was a replacement for a pump on a three pump unit. Like the set up very much was unhappy that the last one only lasted a year in a half.

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review requested by simplehuman

by MichaelK

I already own a three bottle wall mount pump dispenser I purchased about 2 years ago. I needed another one for my other bathroom and decided to buy a single wall mount

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by LarryL

I love this product. Works EXACTLY as we need. No fuss, no mess, easy installation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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Very good Product

by Ernest S

Very pleased with this product used in our downstairs loo. No problems with adhesion at all - solid as a rock (straight on to wall). Suspect cleanliness of area/material surface probably cause of adverse comments of others. A slightly smaller version might would make it look a little better. Exclellent build qualityand apart from size pleasing to the eye.

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Handle needs to be made of stainless steel, not plastic.

by YvonneA

I really like this soap dispenser. So much I've purchased it three times. Once for my old apartment, again when the handle broke the first time and again for my new apartment. Now the handle broke again, I may have to reconsider.

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Brilliant soap dispenser

by NicolaP

This soap dispenser caused great excitement with the kids! They enjoy washing their hands now. I bought it because it looked stylish and could be attached to the wall without the need for screw fixing. I was doubtful about the glue holding such an heavy item to the tiles but it has held well so far. Delighted customer

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great product

by PaulS

used many times a day. Design is spectacular. Made a plexiglass base so it could stand on the counter much closer to the point of use.Replaced battery powered units which seemed to need batteries every couple of weeks.

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by SuzetteS

Used for body wash in the shower. Takes the clutter off the bathroom surfaces. Practical, easy to clean, sturdy (though I have only had it for short time). I have used the silicone provided to secure it to the wall in the first instance as a temporary measure, while test running the use of the pump, but it has been fine and I do not plan to screw it into the tiled wall. Easy to fill with a wide mouth top.

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Single wall soap pump

by GayleS

Love this product. Keeps shower clutter to a minimum and allows for easy despensing of soap and shampoo. One hand operation is great-bought 1 for a handicapped friend who only has use of 1 hand and she loves it!

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Great soap dispener

by NickD

Works great. Frees up so much space on my small sink

thank you for your input

Great soap pump

by KenP

Fixes easily to the tiles. Looks good and works excellently. Went on to purchase a triple for the shower. This one fitted above kitchen sink.

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Great wall pump for shower

by TedS

This is a nicely designed, very functional wall mounted pump. The wall mount is very durable and stable. The pump is easy to operate and smooth, with great flow to your shampoo, conditioner, etc.

thank you for your input

Great liquid soap dispenser for shower

by LisaC

We use liquid soap. This dispenser eliminates soap scum on the tile and eliminates one more bottle in the shower. It mounts very, very easily on the wall, is easy to use, and looks neat and clean. It is well made and we enjoy how efficient it is. I highly recommend this product.

thank you for your input

nice but it could be a bit more sturdy

by abdelR

the plastic cover and container that holds the liquid should be more sturdy as it fell and broke by mistake. It should be like the other commercial products (double/triple dispenser) you have but you have not improved the quality for the single dispenser. When you do make it durable like the other dispenser please contact me so I will buy it.

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Quality product

by MalcT

Reasonably fast delivery (for where we live!), opened the box and was immediately impressed by the build quality and the general feel of the soap pump. Easy to fit using the pads and silicon glue, but make sure it's straight, as you only get one go at it! Followed the instructions about leaving the glue to set for 24 hours. Very pleased with the results, looks brilliant! One small hiccup, the lid for the soap pump had the legend 'shampoo', so after reading customer reviews on here, I contacted Customer Services online and recieved a very quick acknowledgement. Within 6 hours I had a response from Christine of the Customer Services team saying that they would send a new lid with the correct legend. Lid arrived in less than 2 days, fantastic service! If you're wondering about getting one or more of these, don't think about it, just do it! Many thanks to Simplehuman and especially their brilliant customer support.

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by BobO

you need to be able to order parts for it

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by WendyD

I can find nothing wrong with this product. It performs beyond expectations. I inadvertently stored it upside down for a little while after taking it down from the wall while renovating my kitchen and the soap did not leak out from the top. I opted to mount it with screws to ensure it will stay as well as be easy to remove if I want to relocate it. Just don't screw it down too tight or else you won't be able to insert the dispenser into the mounting plate due to distorting it. It gets used daily in our kitchen, is well made and looks very nice. Maybe I will order the triple dispenser some day for the shower (or put it on my birthday/Christmas wishlist).

thank you for your input

Handy Dispenser

by JaysonI

Handy dispenser - am using it for shampoo (prefer bar soap) - dispenses just the right amount. Attractive, neat appearance.

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Single Wall Mount Pump

by JoseC

It's rare to find the single pump model at the big box stores, so I had to order it online. In the process, I learned about the other products Simple Human produces and in the process, I have become a bigger fan of their products. The look is modern and simple and it!

thank you for your input


by MarhN

Easy to use! Works well and everyone comments how they love it and where did I get it.

thank you for your input

Quality at it's BEST!

by JohnF

Simplehuman is one of finest companies and products I have ever used! Have purchased MANY simplehuman products since my first.Outstanding quality and company!

thank you for your input

Best shampoo dispenser ever

by HankM

This despenser is the best quality dispenser I have ever seen. Easy to install without having to drill into the tile. Perfect size, holds a lot of shampoo. The construction is very high quality. It's appearance is very ultra modern, looks great in the tub enclosure. I purchased 2 single dispensers on line. I liked them so much I bought an additional double dispenser for my second home.

thank you for your input

No more soap dishes!

by StephanieW

I have a powder room that is used by family and guests. My daughter remarked about how unsightly the gooey soap dish looked and I had to agree. So, I bought this soap dispenser that mounts on the wall and doesn't drip and create such a mess. I love it and my family does too.

thank you for your input

used for my vacation rental apt

by abdelR

easy to install and refilling the shampoo however the cover needs to be a little stronger as it broke but it was my guest carelessness. I like the newer version but it should also be available as a single and not only a double mount.

thank you for your input

Classy bathroom makeover

by ElA

I purchased a single wall mount unit and a triple unit after I had a new frameless shower door installed. The SimpleHuman additions really classed up the look of the shower, got all the bottles up and off the floor and the 3 tier plastic coated white rack I had in the corner that was rusting and holding all my stuff was sent to the garbage. I can't wait to take a shower and enjoy all my products now. Having the body wash, shampoo and conditioner on one wall in the triple unit and using the single one just above the shower wall tile soap dish for a "face only" special cleanser feels incredibly luxurious - like I'm at a 5-star hotel. I made nice labels for each one with a label maker showing its contents and when guests use the shower they will be able to enjoy the simple amenities as well. Very sanitary way to use these products as well because you never really touch what goes on your wash cloth or hands. Fantastic way to clean up anyone's act!!! I also bought a sensor unit for dispensing the dish detergent at my kitchen sink. Now I don't have to drip my wet hands over the counter and pump out the soap bottle - I simply hold my sponge under it and the soad comes out. Super invention. SimpleHuman you are first class all the way. Thanks and keep these great products coming.

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Quality & Style

by TimK

We purchased a unit for our upstairs shower, added a second unit and now a third for another shower. Simple Human is stylish and excellent quality. We are very pleased with this product.

thank you for your input

Love our new soap dispenser

by PeggyD

We love this soap dispenser. It's easy to fill, keeps the soap handy, and looks sharp. Works great - no leaks, no problems at all.

thank you for your input

made for the home but perfect for commercial use also

by KathyP

The ease which this dispenser operates is perfect. No jamming, easy to see when it needs a refill, easy to remove the top cap and refill the wide mouth opening, a perfect size for the home, but I needed something simple but nice for my new store which could hold up with commercial use. Every customer who has used this soap dispenser has asked me where I got it. What a treat and a pleasure to use an item that actually does it all superbly! Thanks Simplehuman for designing products with the needs and budget of today's consumer as your top priority.

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Handle Broke Twice

by MichelleH

Great idea, looks great, easy to refill but handle broke twice. I bought two of them and Simple Human did replace one of them. We have opted to purchase an industrial soap dispenser for our business and wasted $60+ dollars on two non working soap dispensers. I would like to add that I have other Simple Human products and love them, just VERY disappointed in this product.

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Breaks easily

by AmberB

I've bought two of the wall mount pumps (each on separate occasions)and both times the pump handle broke in less than a month.

note from simplehuman

We’re sorry to hear about your problem. We stand behind our products 100% and your product carries a 5 year warranty. A Customer Service Representative will contact you shortly to assist you with your problem.

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by BillE

Finally A product that looks good and works!! No more dirty soap dish or spilled soap on the sink. Used several times per day and holds plenty, so it lasts several days.

thank you for your input

super clean no mess

by KatherineH

no clutter in the shower. one hand use

thank you for your input

An Excellent Product

by HesterH

This product is a godsend. It is simplicity itself to use, giving a measured amount each time, and removing the need to bend to pick up bottles that previously sat on the shower floor or holding them with wet, slippery hands. So it's quick to use, saving time in the shower. It also looks very smart. My only criticism is that the units just slot into the fixing plate on the wall and it is very easy to knock the unit out of its fixing slots, as has already happened to me. The unit falls and breaks and replacement is expensive. Some means of preventing this happening inadvertently, whilst allowing removal when required, would be a big improvement

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback which we will pass to our product development team. In the meantime a customer service representative will contact you to arrange a replacement.

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thank you for your input

Wall mounted pump

by SheenaB

Looks very eye catching and modern. Dispenses really well. Glue backing does not always hold very well however and backing should be chrome and not gray. Saying that I would buy this product again.

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great for my bathroom

by veraH

great addition to my bathroom use it all the time

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Great Product

by AlisonV

Lovely product, I bought the triple one for my shower, no more untidy bottles around the shower to blacken my sealer, easy to install & even easier to use, good size bottles, have went on & bought two single ones, for my kitchen hand wash & toilet hand wash & will buy a double for my bathroom, only small critism is the backplate would look better in crome, but looks good & sturdy, well worth the price.

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Not great soap dispenser

by SteveF

The dispenser portion on the appliance does not "lock" into place, but rather merely sits in a cradle; it is constantly coming out of the cradle when being used.

note from simplehuman

Thanks for your review and we apologize for the inconvenience. The canisters shouldn't be coming out when being used. Since this product carries a five year warranty we'd be happy to identify the problem, and replace any needed parts. Please contact our customer service team or visit the troubleshooting section of our website more information. Thanks.

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Great little dispenser

by MargaretS

I purchased this dispenser for the bathroom in my pediatric office and am delighted with it. The only problem I had is that I did not realize how that the top slid off to put the soap in. For some reason I thought the whole plastic container unscrewed. It managed to resist my strong arm technique and held together. I mounted it under a medicine cabinet that sticks out so the access to the top is a bit awkward, but is doable. My little patients use it many times every day and so far it is still in good shape. Some have commented on how much they like it. The soap is disappearing at an alarming rate however, so many may be getting carried away with it. I like the ease of use and the strength of the construction and I would definitely consider purchasing another one for my home shower.

thank you for your input