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sensor mirror trio
20cm round
1x, 5x and 10x magnification

sku# ST3024

Our sensor mirror trio is like having three mirrors in one. One side is 5x magnification so you can view your entire face in exceptional detail. And with a quick, easy flip to the other side, you get a 1x true view with a 10x window for detail work like applying eyeliner – all the magnifications you need for pro-quality makeup application. Its tru-lux light system simulates natural sunlight, allowing you to see full colour variation, so you'll know when your makeup is colour-correct and flawless. It also has a candlelight setting, so you can check your look in low light before you go. The touch-control brightness gives you fast, intuitive control over a continuous range of brightness. And the motion sensor lights up the mirror automatically as your face approaches. It is cordless and rechargeable – one charge lasts up to 5 weeks.
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kr. 2.500,00
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three views in one mirror
View your entire face with enhanced
clarity and detail. Great for overall
makeup work.
Ideal for checking your look at true size.
Extremely close-up view for detail work
like tweezing and applying eye makeup.
see yourself
in the best light
Under the wrong lighting, makeup colours
can fool you. Our tru-lux light system allows you
to see subtle variations in your makeup colour
so you’ll always know when your makeup is
colour-correct and flawless.
sensor on/off
Detects when you are in front of the mirror so it lights up automatically as your face approaches.
a quick switch
Flip the mirror for a fast and effortless transition between views.
touch-control brightness
Fast, intuitive control over a continuous range of brightness from 100 lux to 800 lux.
dual light settings
Check your look under full sunlight or true-to-life candlelight.
cordless & rechargeable
Recharges with standard USB. One charge lasts up to 5 weeks.
  • trio 20cm



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Mixed feelings

by KarenB

I really wanted to be blown away by this mirror. Let’s face it, it’s not an inexpensive purchase. It certainly offers all the features you could want for, but I find it to be tremendously bulky, whereas I was hoping for something more elegant. The finish is not as amazing as my original Simple Human mirror, just in little details, like blotchy patches in the light ring and a rough looking edge where the high magnification mirror is set into the regular mirror. If I’m honest, I find the high magnifying mirror a little too small to be truly useful.However,the opposite side of the mirror is really great. I love the two lighting settings. I also love the idea of the dimmable although I don’t find its much use on anything but the brightest setting and there also seems to be a fault with it. On odd occasions it seems to randomly start changing the brightness setting up and down without me touching it. So, all in all, I have my reservations. I wanted to love it, but I actually think I should have just stuck with my old mirror which I love a lot more.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with this mirror. If you would like to email [email protected] with your details and we will be pleased to assist you.

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Everything You Need!

by Seana

I felt a bit guilty buying this mirror since it was quite an investment, but after several years of cheaper mirrors breaking on me, I gave in. I love that all you have to do is pull the side knob up or down to rotate and you have every mirror magnification you could ever need without getting fingerprints on the mirror itself. In San Francisco the lighting is normally dim to very dim. This mirror provides bright sunlight style lighting and doesn’t let you leave a detail unnoticed on your face. I have no regrets and absolutely love it so far. Holds battery charge nicely and love the sensitivity of the auto-light.

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