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45 Liter
schmetterling Treteimer
fingerabdrucksicherer Edelstahl

Artikelnr. CW1897

Unser schmetterling Treteimer bietet ein innovatives Deckel-Design, das sich wie Schmetterlingsflügel mittig nach außn hin öffnet und somit maximalen Freiraum unter niedrigen Arbeitsflächen bietet. Die schmale und platzsparende Form ist ideal bei Platzmangel. Das robuste Stahlpedal ist langlebig und unsere patentierte lid shox Technologie steuert die Bewegung des Deckels damit er sich langsam und leise schließt-jedes mal!

Probieren Sie auch unsere passgenauen Müllbeutel aus besonders widerstandsfähigem Kunststoff – sie haben eine perfekte Passform für diesen Abfalleimer.

Dieser Abfalleimer ist jetzt mit einem blauen Inneneimer ausgestattet. Alle Bilder/Videodateien, die einen schwarzen Inneneimer abbilden, dienen nur als Referenz und sind für das eigentliche Produkt nicht mehr repräsentativ.
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starkes Stahlpedal

Unser widerstandsfähiges Stahlpedal wurde für mehr als 150.000 Betätigungen entworfen - das sind mehr als 20 Betätigungen pro Tag, 20 Jahre lang.

leises Schließen des Deckels

Unsere patentierte lid shox Technologie steuert die Bewegung des Deckels, damit er sich langsam und leise schließt- bei jedem Mal! Wird das Pedal des Eimers betätigt, sorgt die Luftklappe für ein schnelles Öffnen während der hier erzeugte Widerstand dafür genutzt wird, um die Luft langsam wieder abzulassen, was zu einem leisen Absenken des Deckels führt.

schmetterling Deckel

Die getrennten Klappen öffnen sich mittig für maximalen Freiraum unter niedrigen Arbeitsflächen.


Sie können diesen Abfalleimer direkt gegen die Wand aufstellen.

Deckel bleibt geöffnet

Der Deckel bleibt so lange geöffnet, wie Sie es wünschen - großartig für die Vorbereitung von Gerichten, beim Kochen oder bei längeren Arbeiten.

rutschfester Boden

Der Eimer ist auf Gummifüßen platziert, die ihm Stabilität verleihen und gleichzeitig Ihren Boden schonen.


Für ein einfaches Austauschen der Müllbeutel muss der Inneneimer nur wenige Zentimeter gehoben und in Ihre Richtung gekippt werden, um ihn dann in die Park-Position zu bringen.

herausnehmbarer Inneneimer

Der stabile Inneneimer fängt Tropfen auf und ist für die Reinigung einfach herauszunehmen.


Die fingerabdrucksichere Oberfläche weist Schmierspuren ab, damit der Edelstahl glänzend bleibt.

ein simples Versprechen

Wir verwenden die besten Materialien und solide Konstruktionen, damit Sie jahrelang Freude an unseren Produkten haben.

passgenaue Müllbeutel

Unsere Müllbeutel mit dem Code K sind für diesen Behälter maßgeschneidert, damit der Beutel vollkommen verborgen bleibt. Der besonders widerstandsfähige Kunststoff und die dicken Doppelnähte verhindern Risse und Löcher.

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  • 10 Liter

  • 30 Liter

  • 45 Liter

  • 40 Liter Recycler




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Very good trashcan

by AnneG

I have a very narrow space, right against a cabinet for the trash can and a nosey, thieving cat. This trash can fits right up against the cabinet, holds a couple days of trash, and closes so the cat cannot get in to it. It really is fingerprint proof, too. He jumps on it occasionally, but the lid is sturdy enough he cannot get into it, as long as he doesn't step on the peddle. I gave it 4 stars because I've only had this can for a little over a month and because it is very expensive. If it holds up, I'll up to 5 stars.

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loving 45 litre

by wadeI

We have thoroughly enjoyed the 45 litre, butterfly step can, it works so smoothly, the bags we ordered work perfectly with the can. It usually handles a week of garbage without emptying, couldn't be happier. Thank you

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45 L Trash

by DougH

Hard to believe I spent this amount for a trash can, but it works. My female Vizsla has not retrieved anything from this trash can and it is now sitting at the end of our island, rather than the pantry. The size is great and works well. If you want to solve the issue of a pet getting into the trash or just have something stylish, this is it.

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The best step can

by EdwardS

For years, we had another Simple Human step can with a black lid. For whatever reason, it invited our guests and teen-aged children to hit the pedal too hard. The lid was often knocked off its hinges. Plus, the black plastic was hard to keep clean. This model has no such shortcomings. The lid is seemingly immune to abuse and it stay shiny and clean much longer. Plus, the bags are easier to change thanks to the feature that allows the inner can to be partially lifted and tilted. Very well designed.

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Couldn't be happier

by ElizabthC

We love the simplehuman butterfly step can! It is sleek and streamlined and looks lovely in our newly refurbished kitchen. The 45 liter is the perfect size. We definitely would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new kitchen trash can. Very pleased!

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Expensive, but worth every penny so far!!!

by ShaneS

At first I was blown away by the price of this trash can. Can a trash can really cost this much? I was drawn to it for several reasons. It was the exact size I needed, and the foot pedal was on the end opposed to the side. I could not find any other can like it. If I wanted this can I had no choice but to pay for it. That being said, I would not have paid the money if the reviews had not been so high. After receiving it, it was everything as advertised. My wife loves it. Easy to use. Easy to change out regular trash bags. We love everything about it. I still can't believe I spent this much on a trash can, but if you have the money to spend do it!

thank you for your input

Pricey but AWESOME!!

by ToriZ

I bought this out of desperation to keep my dog out of the trash. It works great, he can't figure it out. It wipes clean, no streaks and it looks much nicer than our old one. Now I am considering bathroom sized ones since his attention has now turned to them ,lol.

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We have 2

by TimD

We loved the first one (Trash) so much, we picked up a second (Recycling) one. They don't take up a lot of space and with the butterfly opening top, it is so easy to use and doesn't slide across the floor like every other trash receptical we have ever had! Love IT! I really hesitated at the price initially.....$150 is a lot for a trashcan.....never thought I would ever pay that for a trashcan let alone twice that for 2! :-D The 10 year warranty is what swayed us to purchase the first one and the quality, slim design and ease of use is why we bought the second.

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great product!

by JC

I purchased this can for my mom and it has worked great at keeping her nosy dog out of the trash!

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Best Ever

by LindaS

None better out there! Bought one smaller for parents for Christmas !

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Not my cup of tea

by KimI

Dog holds pedal and because of slow lid he gets into it all day long! Single lid makes scrapping plates easier!! Butterfly seems more in the way. Loved my older model which is no longer available..sorry.not happy simplehuman

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The can is Awesome - The company is Super-Awesome!

by ChrisK

We love the can! It's awesome! We love the way it closes silently, defies fingerprints and looks super cool! Our original can broke, and SimpleHuman put us into a new model...So, we LOVE the Can, AND SUPER-LOVE SimpleHuman!

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45 litre butterfly step can

by DagmarW

I am very happy with this purchase. It is a bit expensive but my dog can't get in to it at all. It is also stylish and looks good and clean in the kitchen. I don't like that you have to buy trash can liners to fit from simple human. I am still on a search for liners that fit.

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I Love this garbage can!

by LaurieZ

I originally purchased this garbage can to prevent my Great Dane from being able to open it and make a mess. It worked great for 9 years and looks sleek as well. I contacted the company regarding their 10 year warranty--and NO PROBLEM---they sent me a prepaid shipping sticker and replaced it! As a consumer advocate, I am impressed that a company honored its warranty without a fuss--they actually did the right thing and made it easy to replace. I highly recommend SimpleHuman! Great Value, Great Warranty, and GREAT customer service!!!!

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45 Litre Butterfly Step Can

by PauletteS

I originally started with the 30 litre butterfly. It stopped closing correctly and simplehuman sent me parts to replace. When this didn't work, I decided to upgrade to the 45 litre. This can is amazing. I don't fill it up as quickly and it looks wonderful in my kitchen. Customer service was wonderful about trying to fix my problem with the 30 litre and then refunding my purchase price for the 30 litre when I purchased the 45 litre. Nowadays who gives a ten year warranty and excellent customer servivce? I am a simplehuman for life.

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45 liter, butterfly step can

by Frank C

Had 1st almost 9.5 years. Had some problems with opening. Sent back (10) yr warranty. It was replaced In short order with new model it's great love "simple human". Will purchase "simple human" again. 10 stars....

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Nice upgrades...

by LaurenG

We had our first butterfly step can in black for over 10 years and it served us well. I would have kept it, despite the obvious wear and tear, if I had been able to get a replacement part. But maybe it's better this way... I like the tilting feature so I don't have to lift the interior part out to change the bag. (I just use regular kitchen garbage bags, not simplehuman brand.) And being able to hold the top open without stepping on it is very convenient. For the price, if it lasts us another 10 years I will be ecstatic. Great product.

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We really love it!

by ClaireS

We just replaced our 10 year old Simple Human Spring lid garbage can. The grandchildren had been a bit hard on the spring. Their dad fixed it, but it was harder to use. We love the butterfly-soft close lid! Great idea Simple Human!

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Great product, great customer service

by WalterH

This is a product with a flawless design and performance. Everything about it works as we would like it. What is additionally impressive is that we bought the previous model some 10 years ago and after hard use (and still looking great) a part broke that was no longer available. With no documentation we were sent a brand new one at no cost to us including mailing costs. This is an expensive product but a great value.

thank you for your input

45litre, butterfly step

by LoriD

I will always have a simple human can! They have awesome garbage cans which they also stand behind their products. I had a problem with my can that I purchased from them within my ten year warranty they let me exchange my can for the next model up because they no longer had my model. Terrific customer service. Thanks you simple human from a very satisfied customer!!!

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Butterfly garbage can

by SusanH

I love this garbage can! It doesnt take up that much room and it opens up wide. I had one for about 8 years when the opener broke, they replaced right away!! Best company ever....

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Simply the best

by AlexS

I've been have Simple Human step cans for more than 8 years. I had the previous model that used a different mechanism and did break a couple of times (I believe thanks the "delicate" handling of my neanderthal son when changing the bags). However behind the great product Simple Human has an awesome customer services. The first time my can broke, about 5 years after purchase, they sent me a replacement part free, along with instructions to easily replace it. On the second time the product had been already discontinued so they sent me a brand new can, that uses the new system with a piston, much more resistant to fails. If you buy BMW, Tumi, The North Face, All Clad, etc. your brand is Simple Human.

thank you for your input

45 Litre butterfly step can

by FrankR

Can a garbage can be good looking? The answer is a resounding "yes." This is an extremely well made and durable garbage can. We especially like the sleek style because it fits perfectly in the space we needed it to fit. Also, we love the fact that fingerprints do not show on the brushed stainless steel. Lastly, the warranty offered by simple human is superb.

thank you for your input

The Best Trashcan

by Nancy H

This is the best trashcan available - plus the warranty and customer service is fantastic. I had one for 5 years, and when the pedal broke - they sent me a new one! Can't beat that!

thank you for your input


by hollyB

Love the size, the slim shape is perfect for sitting next to the counter and allowing people to get around it without noticing it! Quiet close, looks sleek. Would highly recommend!!!!

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Beautiful and functional

by ChristopherH

We have loved the unit. The thought and design behind this product is well worth the purchase price. We appreciate how it looks in our modern kitchen, and love how durable it is even with toddlers running around. Thanks for an amazing trash can

thank you for your input

Butterfly Step Can

by KyleM

I've had this can for about a month now and love it more everyday. The silent lid is great and I've had no problem using standard 13 gallon trash bags. The latches to keep the lid open are also great when you're changing the bag or cleaning up after a party or company.

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Perfect & Dog Proof Every Day and for Special Occasions

by HappyR

We needed a dog proof trash solution to fit in a tight space next to our stainless fridge, and blend in to the decor enough to not be an eye-sore. This has been perfect. Everything it promised to be.

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Love It!

by PamelaE

This can fits perfectly under the countertop works great. Very well made. I would definitely recommend this purchase.

thank you for your input

Butterfly step can

by ShirleyS

I never thought I could admire a garbage can. It is a beautiful piece very happy with the purchase, it was all worth it!

thank you for your input

Love it!

by LisaD

It seems silly to get excited about a trash can, but when I moved I had to have a new one - stainless. It looks nice sitting out by the cabinet and holds everything, no doors to open just step on the foot lever. I can't imagine my kitchen without one of these trash cans!

thank you for your input


by AngelaM

Bought 1 because we were in need of a "dog proof" garbgage can and it had the best reviews for this type of problem. We now own 2! Each worth every penny spent just to come home every day not to find garbage strewn around the house. Will never buy any other brand again! Closes quietly. Works smoothly. Wipes clean and stays clean with minimal fingerprints/smudges. The removable inner bucket is great! Makes cleaning a breeze. Absolutely LOVE the stay open feature...use it daily while doing chores or a lot of cooking. Would love a small one for our bathrooms.

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The Most Wonderful Product

by HarryS

We purchase two (2) 45-L Butter-Fly units for our new home. One (1) for trash and one(1) for re-cycling. The ease of use with the step-on opening and the slowwww closing top doors is great. The units fit under the overhang of the counter-top and allow us to put items in without having to pull out from underneath. This is a FIVE STAR Product.

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SUPER human!

by RosemaryH

It is very convenient. I use it everyday (many times). The size is great; fits a lot of trash in one bag. Looks great in our kitchen; very streamlined. We'll have it for a long time.

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by karenM

Very pleased with this product - stylish and practical, it fits perfectly in the space under the kitchen counter. I was also very impressed with Customer Service. Prior to placing my order I had a query about the bin bags recommended for this bin. Whilst the person I spoke to didn't immediately know the answer, the query was soon resolved by the Ops Director, who was contacted for an answer during my initial call. Very efficient service!

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great trash can

by AnnaF

I love the butterfly feature. I have new granite.The other trash cans would not work because of height restrictions. It matches all my stainless steel appliances.

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worth it.

by lauraS

we redid our kitchen and I needed a slim trashcan that matched the stainless appliances. this trashcan fit the bill. it's perfect. it's strong and solid, holds the food odors in, and has special features to help you with some tasks. it may be an expensive one but the designers really thought of the little things and it's very sturdy and well-made.

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Dog proof trash can

by KimberlyC

I have been looking for a kitchen trash can that was BEAGLE PROOF! I have definitely found it with your trash can. It looks nice in my kitchen, it is easy to keep clean and best of all my Beagle can't knock it over or open up the top. The butterfly design is ingenious! Not only does this design keep him out, I'm pretty sure it keeps most of the scent from escaping. He doesn't seem to notice if we put items in the trash can that would normally cause him to be sniffing in the air trying to figure out where it is located. I would highly recommend this trash can to all dog owners! Thanks to Simple Human, I no longer have a problem of my dog getting into the trash! One less worry on my plate. Thank you!

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Sleek Trash Can

by WendyC

This is my second trash can like this. Love the elongated style, fits great at end of kitchen counter and looks good too. The hydrolic quiet closing of the lid is great, no clanking shut. The first one I had, the hydrolics on the lid did wear out after about 8 years, and after nine years one of the lid flaps wouldn't shut correctly. But I liked it enough to purchase another new one. There is a ten year warranty, so this time I have saved the warranty paperwork in case it wears out early again. A trash can is not something that guests would typically comment on; however, this is an attractive trash can, the butterfly lid flaps are unusual, and the trash can always draws compliments!

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Super Bin

by SharonD

The bin is a perfect size for a family of 4. It's durable and looks great. Needed something that looked good as we don't have an integrated bin. Have had lots of compliments!

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Love this trash can.

by RichardW

Extremely well made,solid, perfect size, fits all 13 gallon trash bags, fits in perfectly with the stainless steel appliances, attention to detail from rubber footing to hiding the actual garbage bag this can is expensive but worth every penny in quality, style and ease of use.

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So far, so Great

by RobertS

Robust construction (after all, they offer a decade long warranty). Easy to change bags, well thought out (bag doesn't cause air pockets preventing full seating).

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Love this Trash Can!

by ValerieB

I researched this trashcan and found favorable reviews, so I bought it. When I received it, I thought, "Ok, I don't see what all the fuss is." Initially the lid didn't close all the way and that perturbed me. But after a day of thinking that I got a raw deal, I closely looked at the can and found that it does not work well on thick carpet (which it was on). Once I fixed it by putting a solid piece under it...I found Heaven! The lid closes perfectly. It is in the kitchen and is used constantly. It is the perfect size. If you forgot to order trash bags from simplehuman, no problem...tall garbage bags bought at any store works too. I also love the "tilt" feature for taking the bag out and putting the new one in...genius. It is the perfect size, shape, and color. If I ever need another one, I will definitely come to simplehuman! I don't know what it is, but I love this trashcan!!!

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Great Quality & Design

by RoyP

Great design and quality. We use this throughout the entire day and functions perfectly. Simplehuman designed this product with the user in mind.

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Simplehuman 45Butterfly

by Michael S

Works very well. Just what I was looking for. Pretty much pet proof and easy to use. Well designed

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Great Trash Can

by PaulineC

This trash can is sleek and compact and works perfectly in my space. I love it! It's worth every penny I spent on it. :)

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NOT for under-counter use

by JohnM

My 18-year old under-counter trash compactor died and I pulled it out and wanted a trash can to go under the counter in that cabinet slot. Every can on the market but this one had a single flip-up lid which when opened, was too tall to fit under the granite. Either that, or those other butterfly cans had to be oriented sideways for the motion detector to activate the butterfly lid and therefore wouldn’t fit in my 15 inch wide slot. This can fits the 15" wide cabinet hole perfectly, is absolutely silent, and does seal in trash odors by the perfection of fit between the two lid halves. Though I haven’t tried an electronic opening can I think I prefer the manual pedal because I can open it more quickly than first waving my hand and waiting for the mechanism; I just step and throw. The lids silently close pretty soon after opened, so odors stay in the can. I wouldn’t change a thing about that part of the design. Looks, function, ergonomics; it’s all there. What this can needs though is an optional accessory wheel trolley with a lever to push the wheels down, thus lifting the can off the ground. When this can is full it can not be slid without some serious scraping across our floor tile, so I have to put one hand on either side and clamshell-lift the whole can bodily out of the under-cabinet slot. It's pretty tough job for a man, and my wife simply can't do it. I'd happily pay another $40 for an accessory lever-lift wheel dolly but since that isn't offered I have to continue straining my shoulders and back when this LARGE capacity can gets full. I love that capacity, the quiet lid motion, the contoured stainless look, the low-profile sloped pedal shape, etc - everything. It just needs wheels which can be pushed down when you have to move it.

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butterfly trash can awesome & pet proof

by MJW

Purchased after careful research bc two dogs (boxer and rat terrier) were turning over regularly kitchen cans. Have had simple human butterfly trashcan - largest size for a month with no turned over trashcans. Love it and will be purchasing another for our 2nd home.

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