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40 Liter
schmetterling Recycler
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Unser schmetterling Recycler bietet ein innovatives Deckel-Design, das sich wie Schmetterlingsflügel mittig nach außn hin öffnet und somit maximalen Freiraum unter niedrigen Arbeitsflächen bietet – durch die schmale Form eignet er sich somit bestens bei Platzmangel. Der Recycler enthält zwei Inneneimer, die eine Sortierung Ihres Mülls sowie der Wertstoffe zum Kinderspiel machen! Durch das robuste Stahlpedal ist er nicht nur langlebig: unsere patentierte lid shox Technologie steuert die Bewegung des Deckels, damit er sich langsam und leise schließt – bei jedem Mal!

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recyceln Sie es!

Sortieren Sie Ihren Müll und Ihre Wertstoffe mit diesem Doppeleimer-Recycler. Umweltfreundlichkeit ist jetzt platzsparender.

Ich bin stark und leise

Unser widerstandsfähiges Stahlpedal wurde für mehr als 150.000 Betätigungen entworfen - das sind mehr als 20 Betätigungen pro Tag, 20 Jahre lang, und unsere patentierte lid shox-Technologie steuert die Bewegung, damit er sich langsam und geräuscharm schließt.

schmetterling Deckel

Die getrennten Klappen öffnen sich mittig für maximalen Freiraum unter niedrigen Arbeitsflächen.

Deckel bleibt geöffnet

Der Deckel bleibt so lange geöffnet, wie Sie es wünschen - großartig für die Vorbereitung von Gerichten, beim Kochen oder bei längeren Arbeiten.


Für ein einfaches Austauschen der Müllbeutel muss der Inneneimer nur wenige Zentimeter gehoben und in Ihre Richtung gekippt werden, um ihn dann in die Park-Position zu bringen.

herausnehmbarer Inneneimer

Der stabile Inneneimer fängt Tropfen auf und ist für die Reinigung einfach herauszunehmen.


Die fingerabdrucksichere Oberfläche weist Schmierspuren ab, damit der Edelstahl glänzend bleibt.

ein simples Versprechen

Wir verwenden die besten Materialien und solide Konstruktionen, damit Sie jahrelang Freude an unseren Produkten haben.

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Unsere Müllbeutel mit dem Code D sind für diesen Behälter maßgeschneidert, damit der Beutel vollkommen verborgen bleibt. Der besonders widerstandsfähige Kunststoff und die dicken Doppelnähte verhindern Risse und Löcher.

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Sleek & Sturdy

by AmandaN

We love that this trash can fits snug against the end of our island and can sit slightly under the lip of the granite counter top without touching it when the lid is up. Overall, it's designed well and certainly doesn't feel cheap. One thing to note, there was a small scuff in the black plastic on the top, front of the can once we took it out of the box. It's smaller than a dime, but likely happened while in transit. We ordered it online and had it delivered to Seattle. To

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by AnneL

Simple Human products are extraordinary. They're perfect in terms of function, operation, looks and usefulness. I'll look for Simple Human products any time I need something excellent for around the home.

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40 litre butterfly

by SarahH

I loved the concept before I got it, and it lived up to my expectations until not long after I got it, the lid stopped closing. I contacted Simple Human and they sent me a part to repair the problem. Unfortunately, to replace the part, I needed to crawl inside the container head first in order to reach the part that had to be replaced. I found this to be awkward and unnecessary on the part of he customer. I notified Simple Human and they told me to return the defective bin so that they could replace it. They sent me a return label for UPS, but since I did not keep the original shipping carton due to lack of space in my apartment, I had to pay UPS $30 to ship the bin. I originally bought this recycler because it was the perfect solution for my small apartment. I was disappointed that I had to pay for the shipping box which cost a significant amount. I thought that I was not treated well. Once I got my new recycler, The same problem appeared: the lid not closing automatically as designed. I really wanted this product to be the answer to my problem, but alas, Simple Human's customer service left a bad taste in my mouth. So be it.

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by BrittannieR

It really is a beautifully perfect trash can.

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Perfect for our needs!

by AmyC

After moving from a town that did not recycle to a town that recycles, I found my kitchen was cluttered with our old (and much loved) SimpleHuman can and a smaller container to catch the recyclables. This 40 litre butterfly recycler-brushed steel container is perfect for our needs. Not only does it look great, but it holds the trash and recycle materials in one contained place. The lids also open well under our granite countertops, so there is no chance of hitting the metal and scratching the lids. Since my husband and I are empty nesters, the size for holding trash is fine. However, when our house is full, so too is the can much more often. Still... it is perfect! Thanks for another great product. As for the old stainless steel SimpleHuman can? The can is more than 10 years old and works like it did on day one. Now that my youngest is married and has a big dog, her garbage is attractively contained in a dog proof can (which is why we began using SimpleHuman cans)!

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Perfection in a Trashcan

by BiffyL

The people at SimpleHuman have thought of everything, and there is literally a perfect trash can for everyone. Originally, I ordered the one without the recycling, and the smooth return process let me get the recycled one. Our trash nook is the exact width of this trashcan, the push pedal is so easy, the design is simple. The can stays clean since there's no need to touch it. I'm obsessed!

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Rubbish Reciprocal Reaches Level of Civility

by JamesC

Style and function are seamlessly joined with quality in this rubbish reciprocal (I cannot refer to it as a mere trash can). I tend to make purchases of items of high quality, after doing a bit of product research, and I can happily report that I now have moments of joy and admiration every time I step on the silent pedal and toss-out unwanted things. Is it unnatural to be this pleased with a household item? I think not! It is worth the cost; if you are on the fence about spending the money on it, jump-over and buy it.

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DOG PROOF!!! We are now civilized!

by HollyD

After years of struggling with a couple dog who believe that trash and recycling cans are just for snacks, this Simply Human can has saved our lives from having to keep the trash and recycling cans on the counter. This was because the dogs can get into the cabinets. There is no lip for the dogs to lift like other cans. Tell all your dog friends! We feel Simply Human now!

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by sydnaS

I had hoped to hide my garbage can behind a cabinet door, but just did not have the room inside. It sits at the end of of my sink counter top and looks great. Holds a lot, easy to use, easy to clean and looks great. I wouldn't want to hide it. I love it.

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Great product

by TR

I have been using this canister for 3 months now. I love the compact nature of it and the separate bins make use so easy. I am a fan.

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great dual-purpose trash bin

by TrudyR

I don't have room in my kitchen for more than one trash bin, and this one accomplishes the dual purpose of holding recyclables and trash all in one bin by having two separate compartments. It fits in the small space that I have and looks nice. I love the flip open top. It's quiet and closes slowly. Each of the two containers pulls out and goes back into the larger bin easily. Both of the two containers are vented on the side at the bottom so that the plastic liners pull out easily. This trash bin is worth every penny.

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Nice setup

by RachelW

The can is somewhat bigger than I anticipated, and the butterfly lid goes down a bit slower than I would prefer. All that said, it's a great product and the best solution I've found for a household where we don't generate much trash, but do generate a lot of recycling.

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by AlanB

Positives: Combines trash and recycling...very convenient. Easy to empty. Easy to clean. Looks good. Keeps garbage smells contained fairly well. Negative: Can't be opened from above with one's hands, as is sometimes very convenient...can only open with the foot pedal. I'd strongly advise Simplehuman's designers to take a look at this deficiency.

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Love it!

by LindP

Thought long and hard about buying this because I never paid this much for a waste can before. Now that I have downsized to an apartment, had to make some changes. Fits perfect in the space I have and I love the no touch operation of the foot pedal. The butterfly top works good in the space I have as well. I would recommend this style to anyone with limited space. The S.H. human bags work best, but with a little work you can use a regular tall kitchen bag as well. I use one of those for the garbage side and use the S.H. bags for the recycle side. I have found the bags at Bed, Bath and Beyond so easy to buy without paying shipping.

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Butterfly recycler

by GinnyR

I am absolutely wild about this container. I was horrified that I would even consider paying this much for a trash can, but the steps I save are amazing. I am an ardent recycler and have reduced trash to a bare minimum. ***** for sure!!

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Love for a trash can? Yes.

by EmilyH

I live in Oregon where we recycle nearly everything and in an apartment where space is at a premium. So I liked the fact that this could be for both trash and recycling. I love it. Fits nicely next to the stove, is quiet to close and easy to use and clean. I knew I loved it but everyone who comes over and uses it also remarks on how great it is. Yes, we are complimenting a trash can. Nice job Simple Human. Keep up the good work.

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by MarthaM

This recycler is great! I just purchased it about two weeks ago and I love it! The only thing I wish is that it would take bags that you can purchase at any suppermarket. The D bags that fit the recycler are great but on the "pricey" side.

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just right for a small apartment

by LoriC

I've had mine for a few years and its still going strong. Silent close and open works well. The cans are easy to lift out and are a good size for one person. I have to empty the recycler twice per week but I'm overly "green". I don't use the recycle bags since it seems to defeat the purpose of recycling but they are available. The custom fit trash bags, however, do not fit this can....they are too big. The outside of the can also dents easily

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Great Trash/Recyle Can

by GerriB

I never thought I'd be excited about a trash can, but this works great for our family of 4. It's slim design fits nicely next to the kitchen cabinets, and the brushed stainless matches my appliances. We love the convenience of 1 can for both trash and recycle. I was a little concerned that the smaller size for trash would mean more trips out, but we don't seem to need to empty it much more than our old traditional size kitchen trash can.

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Great Can, Too Big

by mR

This can is perfect except for the size. It was way too big for our small 1928 kitchen. There is a 30 quart size that would likely fit better, but for some reason they don't offer it as a recycler, even though almost everyone recycles nowadays.

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Great Trashcan

by AW

I love this trashcan. The two slots for garbage and recycling are awesome. The size is perfect. It's simple and stylish as well. The only negative thing is that the standard trash cans you get at the store don't fit exact - either too big or too small, due to the narrow size of the containers but it's not a big deal. Love this garbage!

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High quality, elegant waste recepticle.

by AdamM

The soft close feature is great. It looks fantastic and functions superbly. Having both a recycling and trash bin in the same container is convenient and space saving. My only two recommendations are: 1) the foot pedal needs a bit more clearance on the push down so as to fully open the lids. I added felt pads to the feet of my can to compensate so it works fine now. But adding some distance between the fully depressed position of the foot pedal and resting position would cure this. 2) Add a butterfly can to the Sensor series that has both recycling and waste bins, like the manual version. That said, I am very satisfied.

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Great organization in a narrow spot

by MelJ

I've been wanting one of these dual trash & recycling containers for years, and am glad I finally got one. I feel fancy every time I throw things away now. I have a narrow space between the fridge and stove to put this and its narrow dimensions work perfectly. They fill up a bit more quickly than I was used to, but it's not outrageous. We use regular trash bags and not the inserts from simplehuman, which are very expensive

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Great for small apartment

by KateV

Love the separate recycling canister. Great for one person or small household. Trash bag/canister holds more than I expected. Means more trips to dumpster, but keeps house from getting stinky while waiting to fill a larger bag.

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Great Product

by MichelleL

Works beautifully, compartments are equally sized, really encourages me to limit the real "trash". Regular-sized tall kitchen bags will work, although they're a little big, but the can has a nice bag-grabber feature which helps.

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