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48 litre
touch-bar recycler
fingerprint-proof stainless steel

sku# CW2018

Our touch-bar recycler has two large inner buckets and a wide opening that make it easy to sort your trash and recyclables in one place. It has a unique touch-bar that opens the lid with just a touch of your hand, a tap of your elbow, or a bump of your hip. And it stays open until you are ready to close it — ideal during food prep or while finishing up long chores. ADA-compliant.

Our code G liner fits this can perfectly — no bunching or slipping for a cleaner trash experience.
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big and wide

Large dual buckets and a wide opening make it easy to sort trash and recycling in one convenient place.

easy open touch-bar

Our touch-bar is easy to open from any angle. If your hands are full, just tap with your elbow, bump with your hip or nudge with your knee — the possibilities are endless!

space-efficient hinge

Our specially shaped hinge is designed to move up and out of the way for the widest opening possible — without letting the lid hit the wall.

smooth and even

Unique dampers and precisely angled springs control the lid so it opens smoothly and evenly.

stay-open lid

The lid stays open for as long as you like — great during food prep or long chores.

lift-off lid

Lid lifts off easily for a quick bag change.

gentle slider discs

Nylon discs under the can make it easy to slide and gentle on your floors.

bucket park

For easy bag change, lift the inner buckets a few inches, tilt them toward you, then rest them in the bucket park position.

removable inner buckets

Durable inner buckets catch messy drips and lift out for easy cleaning.


Fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

custom fit liners

Our code G liners are designed to fit this can perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay completely hidden. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears.

  • 30 litre

  • 40 litre

  • 48 litre

  • 40 litre


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Best kitchen bin

by HerpreetK

We bought this product unsure of size and capacity but worked out the perfect fit and large enough for a large family.

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by Michael P

I had bought a similar bin for the city apartment with th foot pedal. It really works well, an I am very happy with it. When I decided to buy the same for the country house the product had been discontinued so I bought this one. Bad choice. It arrived severely dented, although there was no problem receiving a replacement. However I have to say the foot pedal model is by far superior, and I think I will relegate this to the basement and try and find the other model. My biggest gripe though is that simplehuman does not supply recycling bags for this model (G size) . Where I live, and I am sure any place garbage is collected we are required to use clear or blue bags. Why on earth can't simplehuman supply them in the correct size?

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Great product.

by CourtR

I really like this product, but it is quite expensive. It came dented as others have said, but I am glad they did not ship with protective styrofoam or non-recyclable plastic! I think it would be better if they could find an alternative to the petroleum-based plastic inner bins, but it works I guess. Easier to clean. I love that it may supposedly last a long time, and does not smudge too easily/is easy to clean. I wish they would not have sent the free liners with my order as they are not 100% recycled or biodegradable bioplastic bags. They should have an option on their site in case someone wants to try the free bags/bin liners, so they do not have to waste them on someone who will not want them. I am donating the free bin liners to a thrift shop. I like that the recycle side is bigger than the other recycler they have, but I honestly wish the recycle side was bigger than the trash side since our city uses yard-size recycle bags and does not utilize larger bins. Can work around it though, just have extra recycling piling up before recycling day. I like that this model does not have a place to put simplehuman bags, since that would probably not be usable with other types of bin liners and is plastic. I wish the handle on the back was not plastic also, that could definitely be steel. All in all, great product. I would hate to buy a cheaper metal can with plastic bin that would break in a year or two.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. We stand behind our products. A product specialist will contact you shortly to assist you.

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So much better than under the sink

by PJO

Although we have to empty the recycling often due to volume it holds, if it were any bigger it would overtake our small kitchen. We like the combo.

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The Best Ever Trash Bin

by LynnC

Simply Put, Brilliant design. Light weight, effortlessly glides across a floor if needed to move, Lid stays open if you wish it, easy trash removal bin, no vaccume seal to struggle with, comes apart effortlessly, returning bins to larger container a snap, loading garbage bags... a snap. Cleans beautifully, and the underside of the lid is heavy duty plastic that prevents the stainless steel from getting dented should you over load. Simplehuman thought of everything! Can you love a trash can? my household has fallen deeply for this one.

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Simple Review

by TedW

Most everything is as I expefted. Would be nice if lid closed by itself so you didn't have to touch the lid with hands. Otherwise, we don't use the plastic bags on the recycle side, just the trash side. It's expensive but there was nothing else out there like this. Guess I should get in the trash can business!

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High Quality and Functionality

by ChuckS

Well made. Bought directly from simplehuman to avoid paying sales tax. Delivered in a very sturdy product box placed within a shipping box to prevent damage. Product dimensions allow it to fit almost anyplace in the kitchen. We use it to sort organic and non-organic recyclables. Ten plastic liner bags included fit well and are durable. Beware of removing the "Press Here" sticker on the touch bar until all household members and frequent guests become familiar with the touch bar; apparently some minds are conditioned by the appearance of the touch bar to lift instead if press, and the lid may tumble to the floor.

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by LynetteM

This bin has revolutionised my life! Yes, it is expensive but definitely worth ever single penny! It is so easy to use and is designed to keep itself clean . This should be a must for every kitchen.

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not quite perfect yet

by danielB

this may seem minor at first but you'll soon realize it would have been nice if both interior bins were the same shape on ALL 4 SIDES. With that in mind it takes just a little bit more effort to put them back inside, or the hole could have been placed on the same side.

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Great solution to a tight space

by JuliaF

We have a very small laundry room which also houses the water heater and heat, washer and dryer, cat box, trash AND recycling. Finally, after fighting with over flowing trash, I got this bin to divide the recyclables, paper and garbage. Now instead of fighting for room in the kitchen trash can, broken plastic bag handles due to overstuffed recyclables or an open blue recycle box, we have an easy and neat separation with enough room to collect a week's worth of refuse! it open. The touch bar is great for allowing us to tuck the recycler into the corner and easily access the bar to pop 'er open. Why did it take so long to find this? It saved our marriage (haha)!

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Brilliant bin!

by SueS

Looks great. Tardis in terms of capacity. Custom fit bags remove easily due to design of bins with vents at base. Complete Simplehuman convert - worth the money.

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by EllenS

Sleek lines , fits beautifully into corner space, so easy to use with the sensor touch opening. Only slight disappointment is th having to lift off quite a heavy lid to empty.

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What a great garbage can!

by AnnieB

This garbage can is super convenient. WIth its big capacity, I only have to take out the garbage once every two weeks.If you are also super organized you will love the recycling bin option. I would recommend using windex to clean it so it doesn't get any fingerprints. The liners are also a great buy with it. You don't see the plastic and even when the bag is full, you can easily carry it. Overall great buy and it's worth it!

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your review! Here is a guide to help you maintain and care for your stainless steel product. Cleaning Stainless Steel Cleaning It is recommended that stainless steel should be cleaned regularly with water and soft cloth; this will prevent any new stains from building up. For weekly cleaning, you can use water and mild detergent with a soft cloth. After that is done, rinse the can with clean water and wipe with a soft and absorbent cloth. Fingerprints, Oil and Grease Marks Fingerprints can be easily removed by using water and a soft cloth such as our microfiber sponge mitt ( You can wet one side with water and use the other, dry side to wipe and polish. If water does not work , you can use mild dishwashing detergent or glass cleaner with a soft cloth. If you use these products, please always ensure you rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Sticky Residue from Labels The residue left from labels on stainless steel can be easily removed by applying adhesive removers such as “Goo-Gone®”, “Un-du®”, or “De-solv-it®’. After applying the remover and all the residue is gone, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. Not to Use on Stainless Steel There are some items that stainless steel should never come in contact with, including steel wool, bleach, salt and acids. Do not use steel wool to wipe your stainless steel, it will scratch the surface. Never clean with bleach; it will discolor product. Avoid contact with salts and acids - these will also discolor your product if left on for a long period of time. Stainless steel can be a beautiful accent throughout your home, we hope this guide helps you enjoy your stainless steel products and care for them easily.

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It's nice

by DrewG

It's expensive. Lost 1 star on price alone. Shipping was fast. The garbage can itself is very nice, seems very well built. It came with 10 bags which are nice, I decided I was going to try them before buying more since I figured glad bags would work too. I haven't tried glad bags and bought a 200 pack of simple human bags. They make a nice bag, it's a little expensive but you get a nice bag (I won't say worth it, but it's not a rip off either) and they fit in the can really nice. The only real complaint is it feels small... I mean it takes up a lot of space, but it still feels like it fills up quickly. All in all, it's nice, I'm happy, no regrets.

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Exactly what I'd hoped it would be!

by RuthM

Feels strange to rave over a bin but it is brilliant to have 2 in 1, it's a perfect size and fits discretely into my kitchen. The finger print free is great so it never looks grubby and all it needs is a wipe. I love it, thank you.

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never got it -

by pamelaL

decided I could do with out an expensive trash can after they screwed up my order and then wanted me to reorder - what I've got works fine - it was a hassle to order and then wait weeks and weeks trying to find out what happened to it only to find out it got sent back because they "could not fine my address" - wtf -

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Everything I Hoped!

by JonathanK

This is so 'green' that you can't help but to love it! I had a recycler garbage can before, but having it use batteries made me feel like it defeated the purpose (at least in my mind). I love that this can be left open while working on something and closed to be neat and tidy for the rest of the time! It really is smart and opens easily with a touch of a hand or even a knee! You won't be disappointed.

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More than A WINNER!!!

by IanM

Quite simply, this is the best recycling receptacle that I have ever "met"! The two containers may appear small when looking at them, and even when you start putting the respective "garbage" in them; however they hold everything and more! Besides which, it is sleek in appearance and is actually a natural fit for a kitchen! I am extremely pleased with mine!

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Efficient and Beautiful!

by BarbaraK

I love this recycler. The flip up top with a touch of the front bar makes it easy to use and visually it is a stunner! It is sturdy and well-made. My only complaint is that I wish it was 10-20% larger. In a two-person househould where one of us drinks a lot of seltzer and bottled water, the recycler section fills up within two days. If my kitchen were larger, I would get another one for the recycling of paper and metal.

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